Cara Parrish

Shocked Buckwild cast react to news of cancellation

In the wake of the tragic death of Shain Gandee, MTV has decided to pull the plug on the popular reality show Buckwild after only one season. Fellow cast members were shocked by the news and expressed their disappointment and anger via Twitter. Read their responses, including a video from Anna Davis, as they encouraged fans to petition MTV to continue the show as they argued it is what Shain would have wanted.

MTV officially announces Buckwild Season 2

The ratings have been fantastic for MTV’s West Virginia based reality show venture Buckwild, but strangely the network has refrained from confirming plans to film a sophomore season… until now! Just one day before the season finale episodes, MTV issued a press release officially announcing there will be a Buckwild Season 2. Yeeee haw!

Buckwild ratings by episode for Season 1

It’s official — MTV has a hit on its hands with the fun-lovin’ youngins from West Virginia! Buckwild premiered to huge numbers back on January 3, then took a slight dip before rebounding and holding steady with well over 2.5 million viewers tuned in for each of the last two episodes! Keep reading to see the ratings for each episode so far, both in text and handy dandy graph form!

Buckwild’s Cara Parrish modeling videos and photos

MTV is all set to launch it’s purported successor to Jersey Shore this week by taking viewers into rural West Virginia to follow the antics of nine youths as they combat boredom with all the weapons at their disposal — which, judging from the preview trailer, includes booze, explosives, a dump truck, mud, literal weapons, and of course their anatomies.

Though all the young men and women included on the show have rather impressive anatomies, none are more experienced at showing it off than model Cara Parrish. Keep reading to watch a couple videos of Cara at work as well as some additional clip of her showing off her acting chops and revealing herself to be a huge comic book geek!