Brittany Taltos

Bachelor Pad and Jersey Shore’s Brittany Taltos’ head run over by truck while sunbathing

Brittany Taltos, one of the infamous Taltos twins from Jersey Shore Season 4, nearly died in a freak accident in Gainesville, Florida over the weekend when a friend drove over her head in a pick-up truck! Brittany, who alongside her sister also appeared on Bachelor Pad 3, was taken to the hospital and given fifteen stitches. Luckily, she lived to talk about it — and she has.

VIDEO Bachelor Pad 3 super trailer revealed

Bachelor Pad icon

Just when you think The Bachelor franchise can’t get any crazier, the Bachelor Pad 3 super trailer hits the web. There are so many hook-ups coming your way, we can hardly keep track. Tears flow, lines are crossed, and someone even ends up on one knee. In other words, this season of Bachelor Pad could be the best season yet.

Bachelor Pad 3 full cast photo, plus names, bios, and spoilers!

Bachelor Pad 3 cast photo

See a photo of all 21 contestants on Bachelor Pad Season 3, including Chris Bukowski, who was just booted by Emily Maynard during last night’s episode of The Bachelorette! Includes brief bio for all the peeps with bio info and links. Plus, get all the spoiler dirt including who hooked up with whom and which couples made it to the final!

VIDEO Taltos twin Brittany claims The Situation only has one ball

It seems that what happens in Florence stays in Florence eventually winds up on Youtube. One of the blonde Taltos twins who so infamously hooked up with Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino in Italy during Season 4 of Jersey Shore, is now kissing and telling about her experiences in the sack with the reality star – including a different kind of “in the sack” claim having to do with The Sitch’s anatomy!

The Situation’s Taltos twins auctioning a date on eBay #TWINNING

For all of you out there too lazy to hit the gym enough to get The Situation’s infamous abs, here’s another way you can be like Mike – by winning a date with the Taltos Twins! That’s right, the dynamic blonde duo that launched the #TWINNING craze by hooking up with The Situation (and Deena, and…) in Florence during Season 4 of Jersey Shore are offering you the chance to, ummmm, do what The Sitch did. Keep reading for all the auction details and a link to the auction so you can put in the twinning bid!

Jersey Shore’s Taltos twins sign “Twinning” reality show deal

Jersey Shore‘s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino may not have actually had sex with either of his Florentine twindiscretions Erica Taltos and Brittany Taltos, but it appears as though the infamous menage a trois might have produced an offspring… in the form of another reality show! Keep reading for the details on a potential new reality series titled Twinning starring TV’s most popular DTF BOGO duo!

PHOTOS BIOS The Situation’s twin girlfriends Erica Taltos and Brittany Taltos?

The Situation's rumored new girlfriends are twins Erica Taltos and Brittany Taltos

Find out all about Erica Taltos and Brittany Taltos, the two blond University of Florida twin sisters who have been spending a great deal of time under the arms of Jersey Shore‘s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino while “studying” in Florence, Italy this summer! Could The Situation be headed for his own Sister Wives spin off reality series?!?