Bill O’Reilly

Fox News fans outraged over ouster of Bill O’Reilly

Viewers of Fox News are taking to social media to express outrage over the announced ouster of their most popular host. In a surprising move from the network it was revealed today that Bill O’Reilly will not be returning as host of the ratings machine that has been The O’Reilly Factor. The statement read, “After […]

VIDEO Snooki’s publicist vs. Bill O’Reilly’s producer

These are strange media times we’re living in and I have a wonderful example of this via a video clip from The O’Reilly Factor. Watch as Bill O’Reilly’s publicist attempts to barge in on a Snooki book signing but gets headed off at the pass by the Jersey Shore reality star’s publicist. Middle men and women of the world unite!

VIDEO Watch Sarah Palin’s debut on Fox News with Bill O’Reilly

Sarah Palin made her first Fox News appearance since officially joining the network earlier this week, sitting in with Bill O’Reilly on The Factor January 12th. I usually have little to no tolerance for the partisan political bibble babble infecting our cable “news” stations, but Bill O’Reilly is one of those folks that has the ability to be rational and nonpartisan at times, and his sit down with Sarah Palin was no exception. Watch the video!