Betty White

Is Betty White going to be a grandma on ‘Gossip Girl?’

Betty White train boarding, all aboard! In yet another piece of you can’t stop Betty White news it looks like she may be targeted to become part of the cast of ‘Gossip Girl’, the uber-popular teen series on the CW. Find out what the show creator had to say about the possible White connection and how ‘Mad Men’ and Chuck Bass fit into the picture.

VIDEO – Betty White’s Saturday Night Live NPR ‘Delicious Dish’ lesbian Dusty Muffin sketch

Betty White’s Mother’s Day SNL episode was hilarious! Her salty tongue and timing made even the most tired sketches entertaining. She was in good company too as many of the former SNL ladies returned for this special show, including Ana Gasteyer and Molly Shannon who revived their double-entendre riddled “Delicious Dish” sketch. The master of […]

Nine reasons why we love Betty White

Betty White hosts SNL tonight, and everyone’s got Betty White mania. If you’re one of the two people who don’t love her, there’s really no saving you. But if you feel an overwhelming affection for Betty and you just don’t know why, here’s a few things that might clear it up: 1. She invented television […]

VIDEO – Watch full episodes of Betty White’s 1950s series “Life With Elizabeth”

Betty White first emmy for Life With Elizabeth

The outrageously fabulous Betty White will be hosting SNL May 8, but she got her start in television over 60 years ago, she even sang on one of the first experimental television broadcasts. Betty hosted an LA variety show called Hollywood on Television that ran for several hours every day, five days a week from […]

Sexy cougar Betty White’s anti-aging secrets

Cancel your plans to go out Saturday, May 8 because the hottest party in the world is gonna be on your television when Betty White hosts SNL! Here’s the promo clip, which dispels all those rumors about Betty Swirling on the internet: Transcript: “Thanks to the internet I’m hosting Saturday Night Live! But don’t believe […]

VIDEO – Old footage of Betty White singing “Someone to Watch Over Me” and flirt with Hugh Jackman on Leno

88-year-old Betty White is red hot, saucy, and on top of the world. She’s slightly bewildered by how The Internet became so enamored with her that it campaigned for her to appear on SNL, but she’s not shying away from the attention. This is just the cherry on top of a recent banner run for […]