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Ashley Salazar Teen Mom 4

Ashley Salazar applies for Teen Mom 4, will other 16 & Pregnant moms follow suit?

As we reported last month, MTV is currently casting for a brand new season of Teen Mom, and this time around they are looking for young mothers who have children between the ages of 4 and 7. One young mom who has tossed her hat in the ring is no stranger to MTV viewers as she was featured in the hour-and-a-half season finale of 16 & Pregnant Season 2!

16 AND PREGNANT Ashley Salazar pregnant with fiance Justin Lane, father of her daughter Callie

In one of the most improbable happy endings in reality television history, 16 & Pregnant star Ashley Salazar is currently engaged to her daughter Callie’s father, Justin Lane, and she just revealed they are expecting their second child together! Keep reading for their announcement as well as a refresher on Ashley’s emotional two-hour episode and some of the difficult things that have happened to her since.

PHOTOS 16 and Pregnant’s Ashley Salazar engaged to Callie’s dad Justin Lane

16 & Pregnant alum Ashley Salazar is engaged to Justin Lane, the father of her daughter Callie! The announcement comes after Ashley attended an eight-week program to address a very serious drinking problem that she says was the best decision of her life. Keep reading to check out the bling and read some of Ashley’s brutally honest account of hitting rick bottom and seeking help.

Ashley Salazar from 16 & Pregnant is pregnant

16 & Pregnant alum Ashley Salazar had one of the more emotional episodes of the entire run as the mom from Texas made the difficult decision to give her daughter Callie up for adoption to her aunt and uncle. Now the author and journalism student has revealed that she is again expecting with boyfriend Justin Lane! Find out how far along she is and what she and Justin have to say about the big news.

VIDEO Ashley Salazar’s ex Jordan Baker dies in car crash in Texas

We have some tragic news from the world of 16 and Pregnant. Ashley Salazar’s 23-year-old ex-boyfriend Jordan Baker died in a car crash in Richardson, Texas early this morning. According to a report from WFAA, Baker’s Ford Focus collided with a stationary North Texas Tollway Authority customer service truck that was assisting a disabled vehicle on the left shoulder of the President George Bush Turnpike.

16 & Pregnant’s Sarah Roberts dating ex-boyfriend of Ashley Salazar

Ashley Salazar Jordan Baker and Sarah Roberts

Ashley Salazar just found out some interesting news. One of her ex-boyfriends is dating her fellow 16 & Pregnant mommy Sarah Roberts — how’s that for a small world? As if that news wasn’t strange enough, Sarah’s baby daddy has some news of his own.. baby news!

UPDATE – Ashley addresses why she and Jordan really broke up, discounting reports that it was because she was “baby crazy.”