Alicia Keys

PHOTO Beyonce’s hand-written note to Kelly Rowland, Alicia Keys, Michelle Williams, and Jennifer Hudson

Last night’s Super Bowl had two winners: the Baltimore Ravens and Beyonce, whose halftime performance literally shut the Superdome down! In addition to a stellar solo performance, Beyonce also reunited with Destiny’s Child members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams — who she later congratulated, along with fellow performers Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson, with a personalized note. Keep reading to see the note and relive Beyonce’s performance by watching the video!

Kanye West tells audience he contemplated suicide

Kanye West seems to be unequalled in his ability to say things that blow minds. At a screening of his experimental short film Runaway he in one breath spoke of his battles with suicidal thoughts and the fact that he hung around because he’s a pop icon and a “soldier for culture.”

Find out about Runaway and why all of this Kanye news is setting up for a monster debut for his upcoming album in November.

Top ten sexy Proactiv celebrity infomercial babes

The acne solution Proactiv has been lining up some of the hottest babes in the world for years to help sell their product. The other day when I realized that Pam from The Office (Jenna Fischer) had signed on I had to do this list.

Check out my photo gallery for the top ten celebrity infomercial babes that have represented Proactiv. Number Seven’s gender may surprise you!

PHOTOS – Deepak Chopra performed wedding ceremony for pregnant Alicia Keys and music producer Swizz Beatz

Celebrity weddings are so hard to keep up with in the summer time! Saturday (July 31) Alicia Keys had a quiet wedding to her boyfriend of two years Swizz Beatz (Kaseem Dean) on the Mediterranean island of Corsica, France. It was officiated by Deepak Chopra. Keys wore a Grecian-style Vera Wang gown, and her music […]

VIDEO: A very pregnant Alicia Keys falls on stage

While performing at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans over the weekend a very pregnant Alicia took a stiletto sporting fall right on stage while singing the song “Love is Blind.” She managed this type of public stumble as gracefully as possible by not missing a note of the song while bouncing right up and back to her seat at the piano. Check out the fall and the unsung hero in this story; her booty!