Alexis Neiers

The Bling Ring’s Alexis Neiers shares childhood sexual abuse story, says she covered the pain with drugs

Alexis Neiers is now a married, sober 22-year-old mother and drug and alcohol counselor, but just a few years ago she was involved in the Hollywood Bling Ring, was deep in a drug addiction, and starring in a short-lived reality show. In a VICE column, Alexis now reveals that she abused heroin to cover up the pain of childhood sexual abuse by a family member.

Alexis Neiers says Bling Ring movie is ‘trashy’ and ‘inaccurate’

In May of 2010 Alexis Neiers was sentenced to six months behind bars for her involvement in the “The Bling Ring” string of Hollywood robberies in 2009 that included the homes of such noted celebrities as Paris Hilton and Orlando Bloom. Critically acclaimed director Sofia Coppola will be releasing her big screen adaptation of the The Bling Ring starring Emma Watson in June, but all it took was watching the trailer for Alexis to offer up her harsh criticisms that included calling the film “trashy and inaccurate.”

Pretty Wild’s Alexis Neiers gives birth to baby girl

Alexis Neiers and her husband Evan Haines have just become parents! Alexis, who is known for both her role in the string of “Bling Ring” Hollywood robberies (which has been made into a feature film) as well as her E! reality show Pretty Wild, gave birth to a baby girl on Wednesday, April 24, and she and her hubby couldn’t be happier.

Watch Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring trailer

The trailer for Sofia Coppola’s movie about the infamous Bling Ring is out.

In 2008 five teenagers lifted nearly $3 million in stolen goods for the houses of celebrities like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Audrina Patridge and Orlando Bloom. The Bling Ring, or The Burglar Bunch, as they became known in the media, was led by Rachel Lee, but the girl who got the most attention was actually on the fringes of the group: Alexis Neiers, played by Emma Watson in the film.

Pretty Wild’s Alexis Neiers is now married and pregnant

If you’re like us then I’m sure you often find yourself lying awake and night, unable to sleep because you can’t stop wondering, whatever happened to Alexis Neiers from Pretty Wild? In our latest installment of celebrity (sort of) Where Are They Now? we track down the troubled former E! reality star and update you on what she’s been up to, hopefully enabling us all to finally get a good night’s rest.

Where Are They Now? The pretty and wild girls of Pretty Wild

Catch up with Alexis Neiers, Tess Taylor and Andrea Arlington from E’s reality show Pretty Wild. The mystery of what happened to the show has yet to be solved but black tar heroin, being arrested for robbing Orlando Bloom’s house and rehab for an opiate addiction may have had something to do with it. In the end these very pretty girls may have just been too wild for their own good.

Alexis Neiers avoids jail for heroin possession, sentenced to one year of residential rehab

Pretty Wild! reality starlet Alexis Neiers avoided spending any more time in jail when a judge sentenced her to one year of residential rehab at SOBA Recovery Center in Malibu earlier today. Lil LiLo was arrested last week for a probation violation after police found heroin, drug paraphernalia and a fake Florida ID during a December 1 search of her home.