Adriana DeMoura-Sidi

The Real Housewives of Miami season 3 trailer and cast reveal

The Real Housewives of Miami is returning to Bravo in less than two months and along with a couple of casting changes comes two weddings, an arrest and a wild bachelorette party. The new season is jam-packed with drama and is sure to be the most memorable yet.

VIDEOS The Real Housewives of Miami teaser interviews Part 2

Now it’s time for part 2 of this all out meet The Real Housewives of Miami teaser video fest. Come along as we discover more important information about our South Beach babes like the fact that Adriana has one breast that is smaller than the other and Marysol watches porn!

PHOTOS Meet Adriana de Moura-Sidi of The Real Housewives of Miami

Adriana de Moura-Sidi is the sexy new Brazilian star of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Miami! The recently divorced full-time mom as her “flirtatious ways and fiery personality seem to get her in trouble and leave her peers gossiping.” Keep reading for pictures, background info and links to her Facebook, Twitter and art gallery web site!

VIDEO Real Housewives of Miami trailer plus preview clips

The Real Housewives of Miami Season 1 cast photo

Bravo continues its quest to take over late night ratings and completely monopolize the attention of celebrity bloggers with yet another soldier in their ever-growing army of Housewives shows, this time venturing into the Sunshine State for The Real Housewives of Miami, set to premiere Tuesday, February 22. Keep reading to see a photo of the cast as well as watch the trailer and a couple preview clips of these Miami drama mamas in action!