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50 Cent baby momma Shaniqua Tompkins receipts

50 Cent’s ex Shaniqua Tompkins posts domestic violence report, literal receipts for her house, etc.

The very public and very bitter feud between rapper 50 Cent and ex Shaniqua Tompkins continues to escalate. The mother of the rapper’s oldest son Marquise Jackson fired the latest shots by sharing a domestic violence report from an altercation she had with 50 Cent as well as proof that she sold the home that he has claimed was foreclosed on.

Andrew Farrell accepts 50 Cent’s apology for being an awful person

Mr. Cent lacked any sense at all when he used his cellphone to record 19-year-old custodial worker Andrew Farrell pushing a cart full of cleaning supplies through an airport terminal. And 50 was certainly not at 100 when he accused Farrell of being high in an expletive-laden rant that the star decided to post on Instagram. It turned out that Farrell was not high, and that he lives with a social anxiety disorder. Now Fiddy has apologized, sort of, and the family has begrudgingly accepted it.

Parents furious at 50 Cent for posting video mocking son with social anxiety disorder

Rapper 50 Cent thought it would be a good idea to post a video of himself making fun of an airport custodial worker whom he assumed was high. It turns out the kid wasn’t high–he suffers from a documented social anxiety disorder, and now his parents are beyond pissed off about the whole ordeal. Warning: All of this will make your blood boil!

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50 Cent gets Leonardo DiCapriotobombed and it’s AMAZING

It’s Golden Globes weekend and those A-list Hollywood parties are hoppin’! Rapper 50 Cent showed he’s got some serious hob nob game with a slew of instagram photos with a who’s who of Hollywood ranging from Scarlett Johannson to Naomi Campbell. Actually, there were so many big names that his photo with Naomi was upstaged by what is the early contender for Best Celebrity Photobomb of 2015! Keep reading to see the epic Leonardo DiCapriotobomb as well as more photos of 50 Cent “living with out limits” at the party, including yet another celebrity photobomb.