2010 Grammy Awards

PHOTOS Lady Gaga puts hermaphrodite rumors to rest

Rumors have been circulating about Lady Gaga being a hermaphrodite ever since a concert video revealed a small, mysterious bulge where any Gaga that was actually a Lady would have no bulge. Not one to shy away from publicity, Lady Gaga has mostly danced around the subject in interviews – laughing at the rumor but never flat out denying it.

That all seemed to change Monday night at the GRAMMY Awards, though not with words.

PHOTOS Taylor Swift drops and breaks a GRAMMY Award

The GRAMMY Awards can put on a great show, but no one has really taken them all that seriously since Milli Vanilli won Best New Artist in 1990. (Many bailed before that time, but that was the straw that broke the carers’ backs) But, it appears as though at least one of the awards has a little bit of integrity left as the GRAMMY Award for Best Album leaped from Taylor Swift’s arms to its own demise backstage in the press room.

See more photos of the Grammy go Bammy!

VIDEO – Full quote of Prince and Paris Jackson’s speech at 2010 Grammy Awards

Paris Jackson (11) spoke at her dad’s public memorial back in July 2009 in a tearful plea that did more to humanize Michael Jackson in the public mind than anything Madonna or Brooke Shields could have said. More than half a year later, her older brother Prince Jackson publicly spoke (for the reported first time […]

PHOTOS – Lady GaGa’s sparkly orbital Armani 2010 Grammy red carpet dress

Lady GaGa lived up to herself at the 2010 Grammy Awards red carpet, showing up in a glittery orbital dress that exposes most of her legs, which were encased in sparkly tights that turned into Dr. Seuss-shaped platform heels. GaGa accessorized with a pointy chandelier, and wore the comic-book yellow extensions she’s been featuring lately […]

VIDEO Lady Gaga and Elton John GRAMMY Awards performance of Poker Face and Speechless

Lady Gaga kicked off the 52nd Grammy Awards with a HUGE bang! She was introduced Broadway circus-style in front of an elaborate industrial Charles Dickensian “Fame Factory” set. Click to watch her entertaining theatrical performance of Poker Face and her sooted duet with Sir Elton John on Speechless!

Elvis Costello 2010 GRAMMY Awards Red Carpet photos

Elvis Costello hit the red carpet at the 52nd GRAMMY Awards red carpet looking like the album cover to Pimperial Bedroom! Dude was rocking a pimptastic fedora that was Mighty Red Like A Rose! And he brought the bling too, sporting All That Useless Beauty on his neck and fingers. Elvis has always been a bit of a genre hopper – should we expect a rap album soon? Bloods and Tupacolate by DC EC!

(That’s all the puns I promise)