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American Idol contestant Benjamin Glaze’s first kiss was Katy Perry, but did he consent to it?

When American Idol judge Katy Perry found out that contestant Benjamin Glaze had never been kissed, she didn’t hesitate try to be his first. The 20-year-old contestant revealed to the pop star that he was waiting on his first kiss until he was in his first real relationship. What happened next ended up making Glaze […]

Secrets of The Bachelor Mansion

The mansion used as the setting for ABC’s The Bachelor and The Bachelorette matchmaking shows has become a familiar character all its own since its debut in 2006. The well-lit, sprawling house seems like it only exists in an odd reality T.V. fairytale of roses, champagne and lovers eliminated one by one, but it turns out that a real family owns and lives in the home when ABC isn’t shooting one of their shows.

Chrissy Teigen skipped the Oscars to track down a taco truck featured on Ugly Delicious

Chrissy Teigen proved once again that she’s the Relatable Queen of Twitter by skipping fancy Oscar parties to track down a taco truck. The 6-months-pregnant celebrity tweeted out asking for help finding the taco truck featured on the Netflix food show Ugly Delicious. Soon, instead of nibbling on hors d’oeuvres with the Hollywood elite she […]

Woman Poisons Lookalike’s Cheesecake in Attempt to Steal her Identity 

Photo: Susanne Nilsson 42-year-old Viktoria Nayrova Brooklynite was arraigned Tuesday for attempted murder in a very curious case She’s charged with attempting the steal the identity of her doppelgänger by lacing her cheesecake with a tranquilizer in August of 2016. After her victim dozed off, Nayrova allegedly stole her passport and other personal items and […]

Luann de Lesseps Jokes ‘Not Drinking Is Exhausting’ 😅 during Cabaret show

Luann de Lesseps Debuts Broadway Show

Countess Luann de Lesseps has had a roller coaster year. Twelve months ago she was a newlywed, several months after that she was divorced and by New Year’s 2018, the Countess was in rehab after a very public drunken altercation that landed her in jail on Christmas.Now she’s out ofin-patient treatment, singing again, and ready to joke about her alcohol and legal problems.

Ryan Seacrest responds to sexual assault allegations

Monday longterm sexual abuse allegations towards Ryan Seacrest came to light. Suzie Hardy says she took the job because it offered good pay and a schedule that allowed her to pick up her child most days from preschool. Variety obtained a copy of a letter Hardy sent to E! November 2017 detailed alleged incidents of abuse. Today Ryan Seacrest has responded to the allegations multiple times and he denies them all. He even makes allegations of his own: Hardy has been trying to get him to “buy her silence.”

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