Suzie Hardy has filed a police report against Ryan Seacrest, says he loved to humiliate her

Last month, right before the Oscars, a former employee of Ryan Seacrest spoke out alleging sexual misconduct on the part of the E! host. He went on to interview celebrities on the red carpet at the event and not much of a fuss was made. Several celebrities even spoke out in support of Seacrest. Now his accuser, Suzie Hardy, says she’s brought the matter to the attention of the police and she refuses to stop talking about her story.

Schlitterbahn waterpark designers charged with murder over 2016 decapitation

When people go to an amusement park or waterpark, especially with their children, they expect it to be safe. We put an enormous amount of trust in the designers who envision these massive constructions that create the illusion of defying physics. Most of the type we can trust that these adrenaline-inducing thrill rides just create the illusion of danger and afterwards we can go home. In 2016, 10-year-old Caleb Schwab lost his life just trying to have fun and now the designers of the ride who killed him have been charged with murder.

Why has Britney Spears needed a legal guardian as an adult for so long?

It’s big news that Britney Spears may soon be free of a 10-year-old conservatorship. Since January 2008 the now 36-year-old pop star’s life has been under the legal control of her father Jamie Spears, and attorney Andrew M. Wallet. Let’s explore why she’s been unable to control everything from her finances to her medical care for the majority of her adult life.

After divorce from Chris Pratt, Anna Faris questions the futility of marriage

Anna Faris sat down for a candid and revealing chat about marriage, divorce, and the point of it all on Dax Shepherd’s podcast. Her recent split from ex-husband Chris Pratt and their very public image as a “perfect couple” has left her reeling with questions about the meaning and value of marriage.

Kim Kardashian will have her hair, makeup, and nails done even if she’s in a coma

Kim Kardashian West is so serious about her glam brand that she’s very rarely even caught grabbing a coffee without looking Instagram ready, and it’s now come to light that she’s taking her beauty standards to extremes. In a new interview she reveals that she had strict hair and makeup rules written into her living will, meaning that if she ever goes into a coma she’ll still continue to be ready for a magazine photoshoot.