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MUST SEE VIDEO: Atlanta Braves beat New York Mets with walk off balk by D.J. Carrasco

Mets fans react to walk off balk by DJ Carrasco

The man and woman in the picture to the left? They’re Mets fans. They paid their hard-earned money to watch their favorite team play tonight. And for nine innings, the Mets played valiantly against their mortal enemy, the Chipper Jones-led Atlanta Braves. And then a very rare but hilarious goofball play by relief pitcher D.J. Carrasco lost them the game. Life for Mets fans is really hard. If you want to make it even harder, you must share this story with them. Details inside…

Weinergate: Delaware Police Interview Teenage Girl About Rep. Anthony Weiner Tweets

The Monday press conference in which he admitted to repeated lies didn’t do it. The House ethics inquiry into his behavior announced by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi didn’t do it. The calls from many of his Democratic peers to resign didn’t do it. What will cause Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) to resign? Maybe official police inquiries into sexting messages sent to teenage girls? Yeah, that might do it…

Breaking News: Weinergate Enters New Phase, Scandal Embroiling Rep. Anthony Weiner Continues

Anthony Weiner twitter photo scandal

Weinergate, Phase 1: Embarrassing pics allegedly of married congressman’s junk goes out to 21-year-old college co-ed. Phase 2: Alleged Twitter relationship with comely porn star unveiled. Phase 3: What is it with a 46-year-old congressman allegedly tweeting high school girls? Phase 4: Future NYC mayoral candidate allegedly tweets pics of him and his “pussies” to a woman who is not his wife. Endgame: Where there’s a bunch of “allegeds” alleged against you, you’re a Weiner that might be flame broiled.

VIDEO: Porn Star Ginger Lee of Anthony Weiner Twitter Fame Speaks In Interview!

Photo of porn star Ginger Lee, follower of Anthony Weiner

Porn star, exotic dancer, “follower” of Anthony Weiner, and Marcia Brady look alike Ginger Lee speaks! She refuses to talk to the press about her role in the scandal gripping the media this week. But we’ve got plenty of video of Ms. Lee opening up on the topics you most want to hear about! Here’s your chance to see a PG-13 version of what Anthony Weiner thinks is hot and sexy! (Presumably besides his wife, that is…)

PHOTOS: Who is Ginger Lee, Rep. Anthony Weiner’s favorite porn star?

Porn star Ginger Lee, Anthony Weiner's favorite dancer

The unfortunately named Brooklyn/Queens Democratic Representative Anthony Weiner may have the most famously photographed dingaling since Brett Favre. Whether or not he sent the infamous pete tweet of his bulging briefs to 21-year-old Gennette Cordova, he’s still in a whole heap of trouble as the sensational story becomes the focus of media attention as well as the attention of his stunning newlywed wife. But Cordova wasn’t the only suspicious Twitter activity for Weiner! Meet Ginger Lee, the p0rn star Weiner fervently “followed” on Twitter!