Gretchen Rossi before and after plastic surgery photos

Gretchen Rossi has before denied having plastic surgery (though she is open about getting regular Botox injections to stave off wrinkles,) but some new photos have surfaced of Gretchen in high school (when she was Gretchen Forward), and it just doesn’t look like the same face.

First of all her nose is bit thinner now, not a huge difference. This could be attributed to growing into her face. Next, it looks like she might have had some sort of eye surgery done to correct a droopy eyelid on her left side.

Rossi’s top lip looks a little more full now, which could be from a small amount of lip injections. Her teeth are also much whiter now, and seem to be differently shaped, which suggests dental veneers or caps. Gretchen hasn’t outward denied having caps or veneers, just refuted having “fake teeth.” “These are my teeth,” she told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live March 2011. She also denied having breast implants, calling her push-up bra a $50-dollar boobs job.

What do you think? Has this O.C. bombshell had more invasive work done on her face than just Botox?

Gretchen 2011:

Gretchen 2013:


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