Where does Kim Richards get her money?

Kim Richards has been through a time publicly after her sister Kyle accused her of being an alcoholic and receiving financial help from her husband, Mauricio Umansky.

We learned that Kim subsequently spent a week in rehab, but the jury is still out if she really is an alcoholic. Whether she is or not, many people believe it was horrible of her sister Kyle to air her foibles on national television, especially since it was done in anger.

But we do still have the question of how Kim finances her life. Throughout the airing of Real Housewives Kyle has made accusations that Kim has trouble managing money, and blew through the money she made as a extremely successful child star fairly quickly.

Of course, this is all very one-sided, and Kim hasn’t gotten a chance to counter these claims. During the infamous limo ride, however, she does accuse Kyle of stealing her house. What could she be referring to?

In 2000, when their mother was dying of breast cancer, Kim Richards and her four children moved to Arizona to take care of her. After she died there may have been some sort of coup over the house, and this may be what she’s referring to.

Here’s a video clip from around that time:

As for where Kim gets her money to pay for rent/mortgage/college, and every day living expenses, according to the Hilton-empire insider book House of Hilton (Kim and Kyle’s sister is Kathy Hilton), she gets a pretty good chunk of monthly child support from her ex-husband Gregg Davis, an oil heir. According to the book , “she is said to have gotten a settlement and child support from the Davises ranging from $20,000 a month that continues until the year 2009, and $23,000 a month for life, or until she remarries.”

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That’s a really big chunk of change, but Mauricio, a high-end Realtor, may still have helped Kim out a bit, especially if she has trouble managing her money. A source told OK! Magazine that Kim has received “allowances” from Mauricio. She has reportedly already moved three times since the end of the show’s taping last year, which is one sign of unstable finances.

Either way, the true situation is deeper and more complicated than what is being shown us on television, and some real damage was done to the relationship between these two sisters because of the on-camera fight. But maybe it’s for the best, and will allow both of them to examine their situation and look for healthier behavior patterns.

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20 thoughts on “Where does Kim Richards get her money?

  1. Kyle is the biggest Bully on that show. And I beileve Kim when she said Kyle stole her house. Kyle needs to get over herself…

    1. Stoopid drunk Kim borrowed $20,000 from Maurice with the house as collateral. That was her understanding. When she went to pay the loan back as agreed, she was told, “Oh no Kim, that was not a loan. You sold the house to Maurice, the number One real estate Agent in California who drew up the papers you signed.”
      As Kim said, “Why would I sell a million dollar house for twenty thousand?”

        1. Or correct. They have the papers that show that they bought the shares equally from both Kathy and Kim. Kim probably doesn’t remember because she drank or snorted it all.

  2. Kim says on camera at one point that she would like to re-start her career and, according to people in the business, had for a while been putting out feelers for possible work. But now that Kyle has publicly accused her of being an alleged alcoholic who can’t take care of herself, it will be very difficult for her to get work. Most studios do not want to risk taking on the liability of an actor who may not show up on time and cost money in delayed filming and other on set snafus. And as Kim has not acted in ages, she does not have a proven record as regards ticket sales or viewership.

    So it looks like Kyle has finally gotten the ultimate revenge for Kim’s success, of which she is so clearly jealous, and has essentially blocked any chance Kim might have of earning income. I have to wonder if that was Kyle’s plan all along. Kim was looking for work long before Kyle convinced her to be on the show, and Kyle has been in the business and knows well how such accusations can ruin any actor’s chances at winning roles in an already competitive business.

    Now Kyle has put her in a position to be dependent on Kyle and Mauricio for even longer, and possibly forever. Twisted, no? Sounds like Kyle must be co-dependent on Kim. Good work Kyle, as long as Kim does not get work, you get to be the martyr, you never have to be shown up by Kim ever again, and you can continue your incessant complaints about her while patting yourself on the back for “helping” her. So sad.

      1. MG, your analysis is so astute, you need to repost it on every forum dealing with these sisters. I think that was always Kyle’s plan as well.

        Everyone’s favorite Lisa was a child actor and a minor actress in the 70’s & 80’s and I am sure enjoyed helping undermine Kim as well. The revenge of the also-rans.

  3. Oh God, the “its all KYLES fault” brigade! God forbid a 50 yr. old woman be expected to take of herself and deal with everyday life with shrinking into a corner saying “I hate confrontation”/ “i don’t like to be in the middle”. Ugh. She’s pathetic.

    Last time I checked being a functioning Alcoholic didn’t keep anybody from working in Hollywood. Look around. That’s not what’s stopping Kim. Kim is stopping Kim.

  4. Kim is a sniveling, pathetic excuse for an adult. She should crawl in a hole and NEVER come out again. Her poor kids. Ick.

  5. By the way she acts, it’s pretty clear she is not just someone with a drinking problem. It’s obvious she uses other substances, quite heavily — and it’s clear her Housewives cast are absolutely aware of it. It might be cocaine, meth, oxy-something because she is one manic chick who is out of it much of the time. I wonder if the cast members of Housewives have to drug test?

  6. I know Kyle said on the show MANY times how they were all 3 actors as kids and while I am sure that is the truth the ONLY one I remember being in anything was KIM! I really only remember Kyle and Kathy in the media after Paris would be in trouble for something.

    Also WHY does Kyle think it is the right thing to stick up for Paris after she is in trouble? Does she not realize this kind of thing has to start somewhere?

    The whole thing reminded me in some ways of Whatever Happened To Baby Jane.

    GOOD LUCK, KIM! YOU are the ONLY reason I watched RHOBH!

    1. Kyle was the little girl on Little House on the Prairie. Also, the little girl on Halloween. She had other roles, too. She quit acting when she got married ( as a teen) and had a baby.

  7. I feel bad for KIm growing up in a fish bowl and having the Hiltons as relatives is no prize. She seems like a really decent person and everyone loses their way. I hope she recovers…shes got issues and drugs and alcohol are part of it.

  8. I feel bad for Kim I truly believe that Kyle is jealous of her & her success as a famous child actress since she wasn’t able to succeed in her’s. I watched the show and from & outsider looking in Kim has been right Kyle doesn’t have have her back at all she has never defended Kim in the show if anything she has let her friends assume something that wasn’t true I believe that she wants to be the center of attention and it’s never going to happen because She has to force people to notice her where as for Kim it come naturaly because she humble & down to earth that’s what I see..I believe that maybe her sister & husband have been running her money and who knows maybe even using it too. That wouldn’t surprise me at all.

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