PHOTO: Owen Wilson’s future baby momma Jade Duell

Owen Wilson's mystery momma Jade Duell

Owen Wilson made a surprising announcement to People that he was expecting a baby very soon with mystery girlfriend Jade Duell, a gun-toting federal air marshal.  Wilson’s camp has been very protective of the couple’s relationship but according to sources it looks like the woman you see on the bicycle above is the mystery momma-to-be.

This photograph was taken back on July 25th, 2010 at the conclusion of the Tour de France.  Owen is shown along side this woman gearing up bicycles to go for a little ride.  According to Babble’s Famecrawler they provide two separate links to a woman who looks identical to the one seen above and state matter of factly that she is Jade Duell.

Also, according to Entertainment Weekly the two have been dating more than a year which certainly would put the France bicycling photos within the appropriate time frame.  The photos linked by Famecrawler are also within that date range and show what certainly appears to be the above woman swimming and hanging out with Wilson in Hawaii where the two are planning to birth their baby.

Here is one more photo of what is believed to be Jade Duell and Owen Wilson together in France at the Champs-Elysees:

Jade Duell Owen Wilson in France

While all the evidence is overwhelming we can’t be 100% sure this is the one and only Jade Duell.  Either way, we wish Owen and Jade all the best as they await such an exciting day in their lives.

UPDATE: We can now confirm that this is indeed Jade Duell. Some photos came across our news wire verifying our assumption.