WEDDING PHOTO – Author Neil Gaiman and singer Amanda Palmer from Dresden Dolls are married!

Author Neil Gaiman, who wrote Coraline!, married singer Amanda Palmer (also of The Dresden Dolls) this weekend in Ayelet Waldman and Michael Chabon’s living room.

That’s a lot of literariness with musicality for spice in one living room! The couple had been engaged for one year and one day when they exchanged vows in San Francisco (where Amanda was scheduled to perform her Dresden Dolls partner Brian Viglione (the pair once dated.)

The couple broke the news via Twitter, and later Neil posted this sweet message on his Facebook page:

“We’ve been engaged for exactly a year, and we love each other more than ever. So last night, on more or less the spur of the moment, I married her, and she married me. Legally, this time.”

UPDATE: Neil wrote more about his wedding on his blog. It was a completely impromptu affair, and Amanda wore a wedding dress she used to wear as a human statue. Neil says they “were as happy as any two people had ever been.”

The next day Amanda had to jet off to Australia, and the newlyweds won’t see each other for ten more days (when they reunite in Tasmania.) : (

In case you need a little Dresden Dolls education, they were/are a alternative rock/pop group highly influenced by German cabaret and burlesque. A couple of music video for your pleasure:

Story via Backseat Cuddler and Geeks of Doom

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