Meet the animated cast of ‘Bob’s Burgers’

Family photo of Bob's Burgers

Fox is set to premiere another animated series during their self proclaimed Sunday night “Animation Domination.”  The show is called Bob’s Burgers and it follows the day-to-day life of third generation restaurateur Bob, his wife Linda, and his three children Louise, Gene and Tina.

The voice actors for the show features a fantastic line up of comedians which provides extra promise to the possibility that Fox may once again have another animated hit on their hands.  The show creator Loren Bouchard wanted to mix the family aspect of other Fox animated series while also exploring the nature of workplace relationships and the comedy that almost always ensues.  The big hope is that Bob’s Burgers can fill the gigantic void left behind by the long running hit King of the Hill which executive producer Jim Doutrieve worked on for nearly the entirety of its run.

As an introduction to the show debuting Sunday night here are quick bios of the main characters as well as answers for the same 3 brief questions provided by the comedians who voice them.

Bob voiced by H Jon Benjamin:

Bob from Bob's Burgers

A third-generation restaurateur, Bob runs Bob’s Burgers with the help of his wife and their three kids. Bob has big ideas about burgers, condiments and sides, but only a few thoughts on customer service and business management. Despite his greasy counters, lousy location and occasionally spotty service, Bob is convinced his burgers speak for themselves. Even though business is slow, Bob gets to work with his family.

Q&A: H Jon Benjamin

If you wrote an episode what would you be sure your character did? “Learn Mandarin.”

What was your favorite animated show in your youth? “I think I mainly just watched ‘Firing Line’ with William F. Buckley.”

What’s your burger of the day? “How dare you!”

Linda voiced by John Roberts:

Linda from Bob's Burgers

She supports her husband Bob’s dream through thick and thin (but truth be told, she’s getting a little sick of the thin).

Q&A: John Roberts

If you wrote an episode..? “I would make sure Linda felt what it would be like to be filthy rich and famous! (Maybe in a dream…)”

What was your favorite animated show..? “I absolutely loved and still love Voltron. I loved Bugs Bunny too.”

What’s your burger..? “My burger is a double Boca burger on a fresh roll with avocado, mayonnaise, cheese, lettuce and tomato served with mashed potato!”

Tina voiced by Dan Mintz:

Tina from Bob's Burgers

The oldest daughter. Tina is a 13-year old hopeless romantic with minimal social skills. She goes to Wagstaff Middle School.

Q&A: Dan Mintz

If you wrote an episode..? “Had lots of lines.”

What was your favorite animated show..? The Simpsons.” But when I was really little, “DuckTales.”

What’s your burger..? “If Bob’s Burgers was serving a Tina burger, it would have sauce like the animal style sauce at In-N-Out, but with no onions.”

Gene voiced by Eugene Mirman:

Gene from Bob's Burgers

The Middle Child. Gene is an aspiring musician and a prankster who serves up more jokes than burgers. He also goes to Wagstaff Middle School.

Q&A: Eugene Mirman

If you wrote an episode..? “My character would do three things: he would become the town backgammon champion, beating professionals as well as famous real-life politicians, he would host his own late-night talk show, and lastly, he would be given a domesticated bear (with saddle!), which he’d ride around and possibly get advice from.”

What was your favorite animated show..? “I loved “Super Friends,” as well as a lot of other sci-fi/fantasy Hanna Barbera stuff, like “The Herculoids,” “Arabian Nights,” and “Shazzan.””

What’s your burger..? “The Silly Burger. It’s a normal hamburger covered in clam chowder and whiskey, delivered by a mime on roller skates who can’t stop throwing up.”

Louise voiced by Kristen Schaal:

Louise from Bob's Burgers

The youngest in the family. Louise is the most enthusiastic about her dad’s business, but an off-balance sense of humor makes her somewhat of a liability in the kitchen. Like her brother and sister, Louise goes to Wagstaff Middle School.

Q&A: Kristen Schaal

If you wrote an episode..? “Become the President of the United States.”

What was your favorite animated show..? “The Jetsons.”

What’s your burger..? “Buffalo chicken with blue cheese.”

You can see extra bonus clips and find out more about the happenings at Bob’s Burgers via Fox’s official website for the show here.  All of this makes me want a bacon triple cheeseburger with two scrambled eggs on top!