Sandra Bullock’s only nude scene coming to Blu-ray

It looks like Jesse James will be able to spend his lonely Friday nights remembering how good he had it in 1080p Blu-ray HD.

The only nude scene actress Sandra Bullock ever shot was for the low budget discount bin film Fire on the Amazon back in 1993.  With the help of some well placed duct tape Buttock  Bullock got it on in a sweaty sex scene that will now thankfully be available in some serious high definition glory according to High-Def digest!  I think this could be the most important reissue in cinema history folks.

Fire on the Amazon had a plot too and I’ll mention it here but I’m not really sure why.  It’s all about saving the amazon rain forest while tribal music plays and a smoking hot youthful Sandra gets it on with some dude rocking Pauly Shore hair (Craig Sheffer).  Regretfully Sheffer’s backside gets more action than Sandra’s so there’s gonna be quite a bit of man crack in splendid HD as well.  As for the previously mentioned duct tape let me explain.

Even back in ’93 America’s sweetheart must have been a sage when it comes to knowing how pervasive old nude clips would become on the internet.  She insisted on wearing strategically placed duct tape to cover the most essential parts of her Bullockness during the taping of the scene in question.  Flashing the skills that would later win her an Academy Award for Behind Blind Side she positioned her body in such a way that viewers were unaware of the censoring adhesive.

The release date for Fire on the Amazon is set for January 18th, 2011.  As mentioned it will feature 1080p video with a Dolby TrueHD 5.1 soundtrack.  If you’re interested in watching Sandra save the rain forest you can pre-orded a copy of Amazon from Amazon here.