Project Runway Season 8 episode 10 Mondo Guerra’s custom textile print

Mondo Guerra's custom print fabric inspired by his HIV positive status

Mondo Guerra’s inspirational textile design from Project Runway Season 8 episode 10 in which the designers were asked to create a custom print textile inspired by a moment in their past that evokes something emotional. Here is the actual description:

“The point of departure for your textile design is to be a moment, a period of time, that you found to be especially profound, important, and inspiring to you. Your textile design must evoke something that’s deeply personal.”

Mondo created a plus sign motif pattern inspired by the fact that he has been HIV-positive for ten years and has kept that fact a secret from family and friends. Mondo would eventually reveal the story behind his fabric in front of the Project Runway judges’ panel in an emotional moment for everyone. Mondo would eventually win the challenge, but based on what the judge’s said prior to Mondo’s confession he would have won it hands down regardless.

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