Big Brother 12 profile: Hayden Moss video, photos, bio

Hayden Moss looks gorgeous in his Big Brother promo shoot

Meet Hayden Moss, a 24-year-old college student, and arguably the best looking man in BB history, from Tempe, Arizona.  Hayden has the looks to get the ladies but does he have the overall “package” to take home the $500,000 grand prize?  Here is some additional information about Hayden to help you decide if he is a front runner to win Big Brother Season 12.

First, his bio and Q&A from the Big Brother 12 CBS page:

Name: Hayden Moss
Age: 24
Current Residence: Tempe, Ariz.
Occupation: College Student

Three adjectives that describe you: Outgoing, athletic and charming

Favorite activities: Snowboarding, weightlifting, working out, going to the beach and hanging out with friends

What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house: Being around people that I don’t agree with 24/7

What types of people would you NOT choose to live with you in the house: Messy people or people who just don’t pull their own weight

Hayden Moss in a Big Brother promo video

A recurring theme on Big Brother is “expect the unexpected.” How would you handle “the unexpected:” It would be hard if my alliances get voted off.

What are you afraid of: I’m afraid to fly

What is the accomplishment you are most proud of: Being a part of Arizona State University Baseball, the best program in the country

Hayden Moss' Arizona State baseball profile

Finish this sentence: “My life’s motto is:” Hang Loose. I like to have fun and just do my thing no matter what people think of me

Is there anything else you want the fans to know about yourself: I grew up in the country and from an early age I was taught to be tough and face your problems head on. I’m not afraid of conflict.

Hayden Moss in a Big Brother promo video

Next up is the “You ask, they tell” video featuring Hayden answering questions from fans. This will give you a quick snapshot of his personality and will afford all you ladies that much more time to take in his loveliness. (I’ve transcribed the questions and answers and included them below the video.)

Q: What impact do you want to make on America or in the Big Brother house?  (ams10187)

A: As far as an impact on America I don’t really care.  I want to win a half-million dollars. Whether I help America out, how am I going to do that in the Big Brother house?  I guess people could like me, maybe make people happy.  As far as in the Big Brother house again I want to be the one… the last one standing and win the money.  How am I going to impact the house?  Hopefully I make the house more popular.

Q: Do you believe in backstabbing or back-dooring someone while in the house?  (sebasusu)

A: Hey there sabasusu.  You know what, if I gotta back-stab somebody to get what I want I will definitely do it.  It’s a half-million dollars and I will cut ties and back-stab somebody if I feel like it’s gong to help me in the game.  I know it’s bad to say.  I’m actually a stand-up guy that’s nice, genuine, and a legitimate guy outside the game but it is a game and if I feel like I need to back-stab somebody to win than you know what?  I’m gonna do it.

Hayden Moss: Big Brother 12 House Guest

Q: How do you decide to take 3 months off of your life for a slim chance to win the money?  (vjacksonb)

A: I didn’t have a lot going on in my life.  I had the summer off and no job, no relationship, no ties, no commitments so here I am.  It’s Big Brother, the opportunity of  a lifetime and I’m going to make the most of it.

Q: Are you going to be a bitter jury member if you make it that far because you didn’t win?  (panther6446)

A: Panther, No absolutely not.  I will not be bitter about losing because I am going to win.  If I happen to be on the jury I’m going to, you know, vote for whoever I feel deserves it or maybe it’s just whoever I like the most.  We’ll see.

Q: How long do you think it takes before paranoia sets in and you feel like you don’t believe anyone at all?  (bigbro_12)

A: Big Bro, I’m not real sure.  Probably 3-4 weeks into the house it’s going to be absolutely brutal and things are gonna be twisted, there’s going to be alliances formed, people are going to be lying.  I’m going to say 2-3 weeks in is when things start getting pretty crazy.

Prediction:  Hayden is athletic, good looking and a straight shooter.  Jealousy aside, I think he has what it takes to go a long way.  The problem will be if the other House Guests see the same and put a target on him.  I say he survives the pitfalls and makes it to the final four.

Odds of being the saboteur:  Zero, too straight forward and jockified to be the one.  Hayden Moss is certainly not the guy.

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