PHOTO Kim Kardashian shows off her p*ssy on Twitter; rankles PETA!

Kim Kardashian Twitter photo holding a cat by its neck

Hardly a week goes by that Kim Kardashian doesn’t rile people up with some sort of controversial twitter photo! Last week it was her use of the term “pimpin'” that got Demi Moore’s panties all in a wad and now she gone and posted a photo of herself grabbing her p*ssy all wrong!

Before you get too excited, of course I’m talking about a p*ssy cat, who Kim proudly shows off by holding up by the scruff of its neck. Of course PETA was all over it, blasting the sexy reality starlet for her unbelievably cruel manhandling of the poor defenseless cat, but TMZ (always the diligent investigative reporters!) went to another animal rights source, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals L.A., who told the site, “It is permissible to hold a kitten by his or her scruff for a brief amount of time” … but warns, “the manner in which Ms. Kardashian is holding the kitten could lead others to mishandle animals.”

TMZ goes on to “report,” “According to sources on the set of the photo shoot where the pic was taken, Kim only held the cat by the scruff for a few seconds — and did it with the owner and a vet’s consent.”

What’s strange is that nobody said anything when Kim posted this photo a couple months ago:

Kitten gets held up with a gun

Just kidding! Just kidding! (Hundreds of people are probably sending Kim angry tweets right now.)

I’m sure Kim will be fine. My guess is she will be appearing nude next week in some sort of PETA anti-fur ad to “make amends” and get more exposure. I’m really beginning to think that this woman is one of the most brilliant marketing minds of our generation! (Or at least someone working for her is) Not only has she built an industry completely off of a “leaked” sex tape, exotic looks and a giganormously plumptacular booty, but she always seems to know just what to do to keep us bloggers talking about her and posting her photos. (I confess – I love Kim! I would post up Kim Kardashian Halloween pictures every day if they looked like THIS!)

Also, does anyone else notice the subtlety with which she continually surrounds herself with subliminal sexual references? It seems every time I read about Kim her name is next to words like p*ssy or Bush. I’m just sayin’!

(Feel strongly about Kim’s p*ssy handling? Chime in on the debate that is happening right now on TwitPic!)