Dead body washes up near George Clooney’s Italian villa.

Apparently George Clooney’s attraction with the female population is not limited to those among the living.  Proving that no one has the magnetic appeal of Clooney an unidentified deceased woman has washed up near his multi-million dollar Italian villa located at Lake Como.  The age of the woman is believed to have been between 25-30.

The body may have entered the water upstream and flowed down into Lake Como via one of the adjacent rivers.  No further information has been provided at this time by the police.   Starcasm can confirm that there will be no wedding plans between our lady of the lake and Hollywood’s hunkiest bachelor. 

Here is a photo of the breathtaking Villa in question at the highly popular tourist destination:

There has been a history in the press with this Villa.  A number of reports indicated that Clooney wanted to sell the property due to the invasion of paparazzi looking for racy photos of the star and his love interests.  Clooney immediately dismissed the rumors with a statement.

“To complete the news cycle: I am not buying an island and am not selling my house in Italy. The story was made up, then picked up and now denied. End of another riveting day of false news.”