Pregnant Amber Portwood baby bump photo with Leah and REALLY tall Andrew Glennon

Amber Portwood pregnant photo Andrew Glennon is really tall

On this week’s episode of Teen Mom OG, Amber Portwood revealed to her family that she is currently pregnant with her new boyfriend Andrew Glennon’s baby. Perhaps because the cat is officially out of the bag, Amber took to Instagram and Twitter and shared a rare baby bump photo along with her daughter Leah and Andrew — who looks a wee bit taller than he does on the show.

“Love my little family🤗💖🤰” Amber captioned the photo, which I’m guessing is a small joke about Andrew’s size. Amber was inundated with comments about Andrew’s height with tons of questions about how tall he is. “I’m 5’2 and he’s 6’7 ❤” Amber replied.

The picture was taken in downtown Indianapolis — it’s unclear what Amber’s little family was up to in the big city.

Actually, the photos posted by Amber on Instagram and Twitter are a little bit different. Here they both are in their original, uncropped form:

Amber Portwood pregnant baby bump photo with boyfriend Andrew Glennon and daughter Leah
Pregnant Amber Portwood Andrew Glennon Leah Indianapolis

Congratulations again to Amber and Andrew! I’m like 95% of everybody else in that it seems as though the pregnancy was a bit rushed, but it’s Amber’s life and I wish her nothing but happiness! I’m also like 100% of everybody else in that Andrew is obviously soooooooo much better than Matt Baier. All I can say is “Whew!”

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  • Thick_Ankel_Dog_Face

    Hodor hodor

    • Bruja

      HAHA! I hadn’t even seen your post and posted the same thing.

      Hot damn, that dude is huuuuuuge!

  • Your Mom

    Off topic, but you guys don’t post nearly as much as you did before this new site overhaul. How do you make an entire post about a regular ol’ IG/Twitter snapshot? What’s newsworthy about this? Must be a slow news year.

    • Bruja

      They also snipe shit on the regular off the TM subreddits ( /r/TeenMomOGandTeenMom2 and /r/teenmom/ ). I’ve pretty much abandoned this site since all it does is repeat either The Ashley, Radar, Reddit or copy/paste massive walls of texts from social media.

      • Your Mom

        Yea I’ve noticed that re: The Ashley. Everything I read is “According The Ashley…” or something similar. All they are doing is redirecting their audience to The Ashley. Might as well tell everyone to go there directly.

    • barbinop

      I don’t care for the new design of Starcasm and have been checking out other sites

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    Wow he’s tall. He looks like a father with his two daughters.

    • Liz

      Who needs a shower, haircut and a set of new clothes.

  • Bruja

    Holy shit, HODOR!!

  • Bruja

    I’m also like 100% of everybody else in that Andrew is obviously soooooooo much better than Matt Baier. All I can say is “Whew!”

    Uhhh. You definitely don’t speak for me, because so far, the only thing Mandrew has as a plus over ole’ Smegma Mouth is that he doesn’t have 900 kids. That we know of..

    Matt showed up to “visit” Amber and never left. Mandrew “missed” his flight home and has moved on in. CHECK.

    Matt had no job. Mandrew seemingly doesn’t have one either as I can’t imagine the opportunities in his line of business being available in Indiana like they were in Malibu, California. CHECK.

    Matt looked unwashed and gross, So does Mandrew. CHECK.

    • Renee L

      Exactly. He also has arrest records too.

      • Bruja

        Oh yeah. I forgot about that! Mandrew has been busted for heroin and ecstasy and ADHD med possession (that weren’t prescribed to him), DUI’s, gun possession by a felon, multiple restraining orders.

        He’s a catch for sure, Starcasm.

    • Ariana’s Side-Eye

      smegma mouth XD

      • Bruja


        Hi you! *hugs*

        • Ariana’s Side-Eye

          Hello doll! 💖

  • Yup, I said it

    Gary and Christina ways have Leah dressed so nice and clean. She always has her hair pull up in cute style with bows. She’s is very blessed to have such nurturing parents. That the nicest thing I can say this about picture.

  • tina

    they look like a dirty hillbilly couple at least clean up ffs

  • FrontDoorMom

    Amber has NO standards. Jesus girl it’s ok to have standards lol.

    • Bruja

      Her only standards seem to be that they have man junk and a pulse.

  • Courtney

    Does Amber EVER spend any alone time with Leah?!? It’s sad and pathetic that every time Leah gets to see her Amber she always has to have her guy glued to her hip. I can’t stand that type that can’t even go to the store without having their man with them. Amber is still a loser and it’s sad she doesn’t think she needs her bipolar meds because this guy makes her happy, and now she can’t take her meds because she’s pregnant. I see a breakdown or domestic violence in the near future! This new guy is sleazy and no better than Matt in my opinion. He totally did his homework on her and studied her during filming when he met her and then worked his way into her life. I don’t trust him for a second! Amber is so blind and dumb that it literally hurts!

    • Bruja

      I don’t think she does, and ya know, I didn’t really notice that until you pointed it out.

      She saw Leah at Gary and Kristina’s house, but at her own house, no, I don’t think so. It has to be crappy for that kid not to be able to even spend a weekend doing girl stuff with her mom without the inevitable, “here, bewbew, pose with my new man for my obligatory ‘check me out, I’m doing mom things’ once every 3 months post to my social media pages“.

      She could take her meds, if she was doing so under the supervision of her docs, but according to Am[bien], Mandrew is so uplifting, she doesn’t need them. 🙌 Praise Mandrew, right?

      I agree 100%. This new tick she picked up knew she was in debt to the government and let Smegma Mouth own everything because of it and she’s just stupid enough to think she won’t be burned twice. Those poor kids are screwed with her as a mother. At least Leah has Kristina.

      • Courtney

        Totally!!! My parents divorced when I was 10 years old and my mom didn’t really even go on a date until I was around 12. We spent one on one time so much and I loved it, it meant everything to me. When she did start dating she let me know but I never met the guys until after at least around 2 months of them dating and it was just for me to see if I felt comfortable around him and how he treated me. When my mom found her 2nd husband I was 15 and I really appreciated that I still got my one on one time with her and he joined us usually only when I asked for him to join us. I really liked him. If my mom brought any guy with us every time I wouldn’t have liked him no matter what because I would have felt I wasn’t enough for her to just spend time with me. That’s why I noticed poor Leah never sees her mom without her mom’s guy with them every time. It’s sad Amber is making Leah feel like that even if Leah hasn’t said it or aware of it yet but I know someday she will feel that way!

        • Bruja

          Your mom sounds awesome. I’m glad you were able to have good experiences with her. 🤗

          It’s a shame Leah isn’t getting that from her mother, but Kristina (thank goodness!) seems to be doing all she can to keep Leah feeling loved and well adjusted. It’s no substitute for her her mother’s love and attention, but at this point, it’s damned close!

          I suppose all we can do is hope someday, her mother wakes up from her d!ck induced coma and actually start mothering that little girl. 😢

          • Courtney

            Thank you 🙂 I’m so glad Leah has Kristina too! Leah is absolutely adorable but you can see she really does crave her mom’s love and attention. It’s just sad that Amber doesn’t see it when it’s so obvious to even us! I worry that Leah will feel less loved though IF Amber is an actual mother to her new baby, like why didn’t Amber want to love and take care of me like she does the new baby?

            • Bruja

              *nods* In total agreement about everything you’re saying and thinking on the situation!

              I sometimes find myself *almost* ashamed of judging these “Teen Mom’s” so harshly… then of course, I remember they’re not teens anymore and especially given situations like Amber and Jenelle, they have made very specific choices, as adults, to be the phuck up’s that they are. Choosing men and vacations over being mothers. Think about Jace crying at the screen door as baby/toddler after his mother went storming out over and over.. Leah obviously loving her mother so much and craving her attention and rarely getting it.. yeah, guilty feelings gone!

              It’s so sad. I wish they’d end this show to at least spare these kids further constant documentation on how seriously messed up their mothers and childhoods were. 😢