Tila Tequila has lost it, is essentially Westboro Baptist Church in a 5-foot Asian woman’s body

Tila Tequila crazy Facebook posts

Former reality star and MySpace maven Tila Tequila is no stranger to trolling for headlines, as evidenced by her pro-Hitler posts and declarations that she is a inter-dimensional quantum-hopping angelic super soldier. But over the last six months, Tila’s posts and videos on social media have gone beyond anything that could be conceived as trolling and have entered the realm of the hateful ramblings of someone who has completely lost her mind.

Tila’s posts are all based on the notion that she has been hand selected by Jesus Christ to pass judgment on the world. “Jesus Christ himself said that I will do everything he has done and even greater things shall I do than he did!!!!” Tila boasted earlier this month. And in another post, she reveals that she is actually married to Jesus:

Tila Tequila says she is married to Jesus

As she has often done in the past, Tila uses tragic headlines as evidence of her powers and God’s judgment. Here are just a few examples, including the death of Cranberries lead singer Dolores O’Riordan and Ellen DeGeneres’ 92-year-old dad, the volcanic eruption in the Philippines, and the miscarriages suffered by Teen Mom OG star Maci McKinney and actress Vanessa Marcil:

Tila Tequila Facebook posts about Dolores O'Riordan, Ellen Degeneres and Philippines volcano eruption
Tila_Tequila Facebook posts about Teen Mom Maci McKinney, Vanessa Marcil and Caribbean earthquake
Tila Tequila Facebook posts about Ruby Rose and Storm Chasers star Joel Taylor

Some folks actually take the time to engage with Tila in the comments section, and the results are just as you’d expect. Here are Tila’s responses to one woman who revealed that she had suicidal thoughts, and another man asking about the starving children in the world:

Tila Tequila on suicide and starving children

I won’t even start on Tila’s YouTube videos — which I’ve only seen the titles of. Here are some examples:

God Is Against Race Mixing!

Your Firstborn Is About To Be Taken From You!

Handicap Children Were Born Cursed!

My Thoughts On Prince Harry Marrying a Black Girl

Exposing tr*nnies, taking down rappers, and Georgia flooding!

The last thing I want to do is draw any more attention to Tila (which equates to views on her social media, and eventually money in her pockets), but it’s really important to remember that she has a three-year-old daughter. Even if Tila is just posting all of this to garner attention and views, that would still suggest she is in need of serious help. She is supposedly in a relationship with another man, but I cannot imagine that lasting any length of time. (It’s unclear how her significant other feels about dating a woman married to Jesus.)

To be honest, I’m surprised that Tila is able to continue making these hateful, judgmental posts without being suspended by Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. I know Twitter has been aggressive with their anti-hate and anti-bullying measures, and maybe that is why Tila doesn’t appear to have an active Twitter account? Perhaps raising awareness will help the other social media platforms follow suit.

One question I do have is: How on Earth is Tila paying the bills? I think her being booted from Celebrity Big Brother over her Hitler fawning is an indication that she is essentially blacklisted as far as potential reality shows or even guest appearances. I know she’s not making much selling her paintings on etsy, and it was only two years ago that she was asking for money on GoFundMe so she could shop at Target instead of Walmart. Perhaps her new man has money? I don’t know. I just hope — seemingly against all odds — that her daughter Isabella will be OK.

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  • smithy jones

    I’m sending this in to Dr Phil for a show idea!!!

  • Thoughts

    But she’s mixed race and was bisexual?

    • Guest

      And her kid is mixed raced too.

      • Thoughts

        She’s also an immigrant! So why would she be a trump supporter??

  • Guest

    Didn’t she have her own dating show for male and female relationships? But now homosexuality is a sin??

    Also she quoted Rev 2:23 twice and wrote it differently each time… umm ok

  • bree7702

    Didn’t she say she was “engaged” to the Johnson & Johnson heiress who took her own life or accidentally overdosed a few years ago? What’s scary is this mental freak show is also a mother.

  • Guest

    Who has custody of her child?

  • Marina Karina

    So sad that she’s taking such a hateful approach to staying relevant. I hope she doesn’t spew this crap around her child.

  • twelfthnight

    I was wondering when she would pop up again. I hope the next time is her obituary.

    She is mentally unhinged. Time for a wellness check on that kid. Unfortunately being a hateful POS and calling it religion is a pretty good shield from CPS.

  • cali

    I’m really starting to believe she suffers from schizophrenia/delusional disorder. I work in the mental health field and she reminds me so much of our clients. I really hope people close to her are able to get her help.

    • Norma&Normanspoonington

      Even though she was pretty out there she used to be a sweet person. I think you’re right it does seem like mental illness, possibly schizophrenia. Doesn’t she have a daughter? This women doesn’t seem in her right mind to raise a child.

  • Norma&Normanspoonington

    First of all she supports Hitler, she would have been the ones he wanted to get rid of. Delorous has just passed and that is her reaction? How low! I don’t understand how some Christian’s (not all) hate Catholics, it’s practically the same religion. Same bible and belief in Jesus. I don’t think it’s very Christian to rejoice in someone’s death and be so cruel. I know a lot of Christian’s who are beautiful people. This women (like Kirk Cameron) is just a vile person.

  • bambiglanville

    Please tell me someone has taken her child from her by now.