LONG LOST FAMILY New season preview, plus air date & time

Long Lost Family New Season 2

TLC’s Long Lost Family is back with a brand-new set of episodes–and some of the most shocking, heartwarming stories the show has ever aired. The tearjerker is set to reunite six fully grown adults with the biological parents they never knew as children; if the first trailer will have you reaching for the nearest box of tissues, nothing will.

Here’s that trailer and the official Long Lost Family new season synopsis, via People:

On Nov. 6, TLC’s emotional show about reuniting people with their long-lost biological family members is back for six new episodes — and PEOPLE has your exclusive first look at the touching stories to come.

In the second part of season 2, Long Lost Family will explore what happens to a woman whose mother left her in the middle of the street when she was 4 years old, a pair of siblings seeking out their sperm donor father, a 49-year-old gay man who learns he’s a dad, and a woman who was left in a basket on an Amish family’s doorstep when she was just a baby and wants to find out when her real birthday is.

In a season filled with unbelievable moments, the story involving the father who murdered one of his two sons looks like it will top them all. Though TLC hasn’t yet released an order for the six episodes, we’re betting that one is the season finale next month.

In addition, the network has revealed an extended look at the first episode of the season, involving a woman named Lori who kept up a long-running list of letters to her absent mother, dating all the way back to the 1970s. (For some reason, TLC has disabled embedding, so we can’t show you the clip here. Trust us, though–you’ll definitely want to check it out on the show’s web site.)

Finally, here’s the third Long Lost Family new season sneak peek available to viewers before tomorrow’ night’s season premiere. LLF is part of a new Monday package deal involving network tentpole Long Island Medium and brand-new show The Healer; here’s a look at all three:

The Long Lost Family new season airs Monday nights at 8 on TLC.

(Photo credits: Long Lost Family new season via TLC)

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