Briana DeJesus on not choosing adoption; says she’s ‘cut all ties with both my baby daddies’

Briana DeJesus on deciding against adoption with her daughter Stella

Former Teen Mom 3 star Briana DeJesus returned to MTV as part of the current season of Teen Mom 2, and viewers have seen her struggle with her second pregnancy after it was revealed the baby’s father Luis had cheated on Briana. Not wanting to face raising a second child alone (with the help of her sister and mother), Briana has been exploring the option of placing her daughter for adoption — an option Luis adamantly opposes.

If you’ve been keeping up with Briana at all off-screen, then you know that she…


…did not eventually go through with the adoption and chose to keep her daughter Stella.

As you might imagine, Briana’s decision to explore adoption drew some criticism on social media — both from those who didn’t believe the story line and those thinking Briana did it just to manipulate Luis. “You don’t have to be together to successfully coparent,” one person tweeted about a scene with Briana and Luis discussing adoption. “She’s acting like well, I don’t like yr ass anymore so I don’t like yr baby either!”

“I wanted what was best for Stella because I knew Luis wasn’t going to be around,” Briana explained. “There was way more 2 the story. And guess what, I was right.”

That sparked this Twitter conversation:

TWEETER: Is he not there for the baby at all?


TWEETER: Stop I’m gonna cry cause this is what you were trying to avoid & he made it seem like he’ll do his part!

BRIANA: That was my whole point. That’s why I explored my options and the only reason I didn’t go thru with adoption was because HE stopped it

TWEETER: Are you upset that you didn’t choose adoption knowing now that Luis isn’t there?

BRIANA: I love Stella but I just wish she had more then what I can give her all by myself

And it seems that something specific happened very recently with both Luis and Nova’s father Devoin as Briana added: “After what happened yesterday I cut all ties with both my baby daddies. F**k that?”

Another Twitter user called out Briana for fabricating the whole narrative: “The fake adoption storyline got old the first time she brought it up. She never had any intention of adoption. All for MTV.”

“I actually did, I was very close to signing papers so please don’t tell me what’s real or not bc u don’t live my life,” Briana replied.

After the Twitter back-and-forth, Briana collected herself and posted a lengthy message on Instagram in which she fully explained why she considered placing Stella for adoption as well as her lack of regret in deciding to raise her on her own. Here’s her post in its entirety, along with the photo of sisters Nova and Stella that accompanied it:

Teen Mom 2 Briana DeJesus' daughters Nova and Stella together

I love both these girls and I am glad god chose me to be their mother. My promise to both these girls is to guide them, love them, teach them, nurture them, explore with them, and last but not least be strong for them. Being a single mother of two girls is not easy but I do have the best role model in my life to help me and that is my mother @roxy991roxy. These two precious girls mean the world to me. Yea I made lots of mistakes in my life but those mistakes made me who I am today! I’m glad I was able to explore my options when it came to Stella. When I first found out the relationship between her father and I would not work out, I knew the relationship between her dad and her wouldn’t either. Why I say that? Is because I went thru the same thing with Novas dad. I wanted both these girls to have an amazing life with amazing parents who can give them the world. And if sucks to see that they won’t have that. I will always try my best and do what I can for these girls. I’m truly blessed and I know god will forever have my back as long as I have faith. My job from now on is to protect them from unstable, irresponsible, inconsistent, non caring people. These girls give me life and I know we will come across many obstacles but I know they will always be ok.. because they have ME! Me and only me (:

Of course, the critics kept coming for Briana in the comments section:

COMMENTER: I find it hard to believe!! From what I’ve seen you push these men.. you don’t even give them a chance!! You seem like that type that if the not going to be with you then you won’t let them be involved with the children!! You have daddy issues and your letting it affect the relationship with your girls and their dad!!! Not ever man is a disappointment!! Try giving them a chance. Try letting Devon take nova out for a couple of hours without your supervision.. if he decided to go to court he would get that!! But that’s my opinion good luck ??‍♀️

Briana shut that down pretty quick: “Lol, I gave both men plenty of chances and devoin has taken Nova without my supervision and still f**ked up. Luis just hasn’t been around period, I didn’t do anything to these men. Lol they just can’t handle a woman who has more balls than them.”

UPDATE – Briana shared this article on Twitter and a follower responded by asking “Does this mean you’re not allowing the kids to see their fathers? Don’t you think they’ll resent you for that one day?” Briana replied: “They don’t see their kids anyways.”

You can continue to follow Briana’s pregnancy journey (and Stella’s eventual birth) with new episodes of Teen Mom 2 Monday nights at 9/8c on MTV.

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