PHOTOS Bring It! Coach Dianna ‘Miss D’ Williams is a real doll now!

Bring It Miss D doll - where to buy

Can’t get enough of Bring It! dancing coach Dianna Williams by watching Lifetime and following her on social media? No worries because now you can take her home with you! Well, a 16-inch version of her anyways.

After teasing it for weeks, the custom limited edition “Coach D” doll is finally a real thing! Miss D shared the first photo of the final product, made by minority-inspired doll manufacturer Trinity Designs out of Texas, and excitedly captioned the picture with the following message:

Hey you little blessing… yes you in that box!! You are selling fast and boy am I excited to meet you today!!! God created me in his image and I had you Created with a likeness to mine. The face you carry is the one I want you to be proud of and embrace like I had to when I was teased as a child. Thank you for being me the I way I always wanted to be… pretty, blessed and loved……. signed Coach D #bringitlivetour #diannamwilliamsinc #dd4l

Here’s the photo of the doll shared by Miss D as well as a zoomed-in look at the doll’s face:

Bring It Miss D Dianna Williams doll Bring It Coach D doll face

If you’re wondering how this brand new doll could already be selling fast, that’s because they have been taking pre-orders for weeks. It appears that the doll will be an extremely limited edition with just 300 available. Or maybe not. “I TOLD YOU THE QUANTITIES ARE LIMITED,” Miss D said after revealing that there would only be 300, “but no worries bc we will start at number 301 and go as far as we can so every little girl has this Doll!”

According to some of the mock-up images posted by Miss D, the price tag for the Mini D will run a cool $125. That’s $35 less than what the usual Trinity Designs doll would cost you! And if you’re not a fan of Miss D, then you can still buy one and just stick pins in it while you type up mean things on social media. ๐Ÿ˜‰ (I’m guessing Miss D would laugh at that!)

For now, the only way to order a doll is via the merchandise table at one of the Bring It! Live Tour events. But, once the tour is over, Miss D says they will be made available via her website

UPDATE – The Coach D doll is now available to order online! Just CLICK HERE to order your — but know that quantities are extremely limited. Here is a great video of the full doll posted by Dianna along with some details.

And a full-length photo:

Bring It Coach D Dianna Williams doll photo

For more “Coach D doll” deets we will go right to the inspiration herself. Here are some of Dianna’s posts about the doll from the last month or so:

Bring It Miss D Coach Dianna Williams doll

JUNE 16: IN 30 days the Coach D Doll will touchdown in the UNITED STATES!!!! This Doll stands at 16″ tall which is 2″ shorter than the American Girl Doll and 4.5″ TALLER than the traditional Barbie! She is fully articulated which means her arms move, wrists move, legs move, head moves and more!!! She comes in an fully colored box with clear front and a certificate of authenticity! These Dolls are child certified and just beautiful!!! What does she look like?? SHE LOOKS LIKE ME!!! You see the pic in the middle, that’s exactly how she looks! Her official reveal is coming soon so for now all you get is her feet ???? (I customized those boots ??) The Coach D Doll is available and only sold on the BRING IT LIVE TOUR!!!!!! So be sure to stop by the merch table and PRE order your Doll! Some cities may get lucky and the Dolls will come in early and BAM you walk away with yours IN HAND!!!! I will be autographing each box!!! I’m so proud of this project that took my amazing designer over a year to complete. I have an amazing designer and an amazing company that has created this Doll and I am excited to have her do this for me!! TDI (Trinity Designs, Inc) you did it! Now let’s get ready because these Dolls will fly off the shelves a the tour!! The first order is limited so BE READY!!!!!! WHO WANTS ONE!!!!???? #diannamwilliamsinc #dd4l #patience #favor #mogul

JUNE 17: Each 16″ Coach D Collectible Doll comes with a certificate of authenticity which lets the world know your Doll is official the original!!!! Each Doll will have its own number…. wait does that say 300!? I TOLD YOU THE QUANTITIES ARE LIMITED but no worries bc we will start at number 301 and go as far as we can so every little girl has this Doll! She is beautiful and sassy just like me and her owner will love her!! Each box is autographed by me! I can’t wait to see who will get one!!!!! If you are getting a Doll drop it in my comments with your city!!!! I can’t wait to meet everyone!!! DOLLS ARE ONLY SOLD AT THE BRING IT LIVE TOUR MERCH TABLE!!! There will so be DD4L Tees, Coach D Tees OFFICIAL DD4L bags and DD4L hats!!! I can’t wait!!!! got tickets for the tour yet?? Go to! #dd4l #bringitlivetour #bringit

Bring It Coach D Barbie doll

JUNE 21: Creating the 16″ Coach D Collectible has been so stressful but rewarding! She has to be perfect! This Doll is Child Certified. Do you know what that means? It means it can be sold to children! To pass that process and find The right doll took almost 6 months! This Doll has been in the works since last August and hit final stages in April.. I’m nearing the finish line and boy am I excited to have my very own and to see you all with your Coach D Doll!!!!! My designer is working hard on finishing DETAILED touches that give it the Dianna STAMP of approval! She’s so pretty and I can’t wait!!! She’s getting her very own photo shoot!!!! Dolls are only available at the Bring It Live Tour!!

I’m sold on the doll, but what I want to know is if there will be accessory outfits available. I can think of a couple at the top of my list:

Coach D Dianna Williams Bring It!

Congratulations to Miss D! I give her so much respect for all her hustle — not only in getting where she is, but continuing to take what she’s given and growing it! (In case you missed it, her Dollhouse Dance Factory is expanding into the Atlanta area.) And I gotta tell you, I follow A LOT of celebrity social media accounts, and Miss D keeps it fresh and keeps me smiling with her sassy (but almost always positive) posts. I recommend you give her a follow. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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