Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is close to a sexual singularity, after which point an orgy is the only thing left for the show to do

Young Joc and Rod Bullock from Love & Hip Hop 2

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is rapidly approaching its sexual singularity: the point at which every cast member has slept with every other cast member at least once and everyone just decides to go in on it together, presumably during a reunion special. The addition of Kirk’s baby mama Jasmine Washington and her boyfriend Rod Bullock and Rod’s second girlfriend Keanna Nicole has turned an already confusing web of connections downright Escherian. And things got even more confusing–to say nothing of stranger–when Young Joc, who briefly thought he might be the father of Jasmine’s baby with Kirk Frost, found out that he and Rod have a surprising connection:

That’s right: Young Joc, who already has six kids and four baby mamas, is connected to Rod through Sina, the father of Joc’s most recent set of twins, since Sina has been smashing dating Rod on the DL. Which sets him off–but, of course, this isn’t Joc’s first connection to Rod, since Jasmine’s baby has Joc realizing that he used to date smash Jasmine and thus could conceivably have conceived the child with her.

Of course, he didn’t do that–Kirk Frost did. So Kirk and Rod are connected through Jasmine at least. But they might be connected through Keanna as well, since Kirk allegedly had three different girlfriends and two different baby mamas last year, and Keanna was definitely one of the three and possibly also one of the two.

Plus, Joc and Stevie J (and Joseline) are connected, since Joc and Tommie and an unnamed woman had a threesome together this season and Tommie had a drunken threesome with Bonnie Bella’s mom and dad last season. So Joc is thus connected to Mimi Faust through Stevie, and Stevie is connected to Karlie Redd, Lyfe Jennings, and Scrapp DeLeon through Joc.


We’re actually going to stop there, since this is how conspiracy theories get started, and there are enough of those in the news today. But rest assured we’ll be watching–and drawing up a crazy wall Rust Cohle-style–as Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6 continues Monday nights on VH1.

(Photo credits: Young Joc and Rod Bullock from Love & Hip Hop via Instagram)

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