A&E announces Surviving Marriage, where Survivor meets Couples Therapy


This March, the folks over at A&E are taking the best elements of a few different reality shows and combining them to create Surviving Marriage.

From the network…

With their relationships on the rocks, each week one couple takes the plunge to spend five days together on a secluded island deep in the South Pacific to try to rectify their marital issues. Left alone with no modern conveniences and limited access to food and water, these pairs have only each other to rely on as they navigate the challenging and treacherous conditions on the island. The couples must complete a series of physical and emotional exercises specifically designed by marriage experts to solve the serious issues tearing them apart. Guiding viewers through the experience are Dr. Colleen Long, licensed clinical psychologist, and Dr. Tom Kersting, family therapist, who help navigate the couples’ often volatile journeys, where a simple act can unearth years of pent-up aggression, regret and pain.

Viewers will meet new couples in each of the ordered nine episodes. Some of the troubled pairs include high-school sweethearts “haunted by past indiscretions” Cleburn and April, long-married Josh and Alethea and financially strained Dennis and Tamar. At the end of their five-day stays, the pairs must “decide if they want to recommit to their marriages or end them once and for all.” Oh, the pressure!

Surviving Marriage premieres on A&E on Tuesday, March 24 at 10/9c.

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