Moonshiners’ Darlene Moran barrel racing photos, videos

Darlene from Moonshiners

Discovery added themselves a lady ‘shiner for the 3rd Season of their smash hit Moonshiners. Her name is Darlene Moran and she’s described thisaways via her official network bio:

Determined and tough, Darlene is a pure moonshiner to her very core. An experienced barrel racer, horse trainer and aspiring breeder, Darlene only has her son left by her side after a tragedy struck her family. She now plans to rise to the challenges of moonshining and compete with the boys. Her goal is to make it big selling her quality-flavored moonshine throughout the barrel racing circuit. She’s a tough, take no prisoners cowgirl who will go toe to toe with anyone who seconds guesses whether women can ‘shine.

Here’s what else we were able to round up on the full-throttle, full-flavor-cooking southern lass.

From a Facebook post via Cinescape Studios Photography they identified Darlene Moran as the new member of the show. The horse Darlene is seen riding in the top photo is a palomino stallion she calls Mace, the inserted image is via the show and reveals Darlene giving ol’ Mace some love. His official tag is Briscoscangetit, which is also the official website that Darlene has set up for her Dry Creek Ranch, in Sandy Hook, Mississippi.

Darlene from Moonshiners

Via the site:

I’ve been training and competing in barrel racing for as long as I remember. My farm, Dry Creek Ranch, is 25 rolling acres located a couple of hours away from both New Orleans, Louisiana and Jackson, Mississippi.

Briscoscangetit, aka Mace, is a 6 year old palomino stallion who has lots of heart, run and stamina. If you’re looking for a stallion to produce an all around for you, take a look at how he’ll match up with your mares.

Mace has his own Facebook page which you can check out here. Speaking of Mace and Darlene, here’s a clip of the two showing ’em how it gets done at the 2009 Mega Barrel Race:

And one more run from New Iberia:

In regards to the tragedy mentioned above, a post was made via ebarrelracing in which fellow riders sent out prayers to Darlene. A frequent poster by the tag of krape wrote the following on June 7, 2010 about a horrific crash:

Darlene is from Mississippi and she is a really neat lady. Got to know her pretty well the last couple of years. Visited with one of her best friends this past weekend, Nina Hester (a check of Darlene’s Facebook page shows Nina as a “friend”) She was with Darlene at the hospital when the 8 year old died. Darlene lost her mom and dad, an aunt, her 8 year old niece that she took everywhere, and her little 2 year old cousin. They wanted to airlift the 8 year old little girl but, couldn’t not due to bad weather, she past away at the hospital. Darlene of course is having a very difficult time and really needs our prayers.

A Facebook post via the WPRA stated the accident occurred on June 3rd.

Make sure to catch Darlene and the rest of the crew of Moonshiners Tuesday nights on Discovery.

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