PHOTOS Candy Crush Saga candy is now a real thing

Real Candy Crush Saga candy Jelly Fish

The game Candy Crush Saga has more addicts than crack, and now you can feed your addiction in a whole new way — by actually feeding yourself! King (aka Video Game Heisenberg — the company behind Candy Crush Saga) will be launching three different kinds of candy replicas from the game, including Jelly Fish, Mixed Fruit Tummies and Sour Fruit Gummies.

Where can you buy actual Candy Crush Saga candy Sour Fruit Gummies?

According to People the Candy Crush Saga candy will be available at Dylan’s Candy Bar starting November 1, which is a little too late for Halloween, but just in time for Christmas! So now you can answer all those Candy Crush Saga Facebook requests with actual candy!

The boxes of treats will reportedly cost you $4 a box, which is a steep price when you realize you could have unlocked four new levels with that kind of dough!

And if you’re looking for other Candy Crush Saga Christmas gifts, I suggest you hop on over to Etsy where you can find a seemingly endless selection of colorful items and jewelry like this Candy Crush Saga bracelet from Crafty Creations:

Candy Crush Saga jewelry bracelet from Etsy

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