VIDEO Mom has daughter publicly apologize for twerking at Jr. High dance


When 11-year-old Jamie headed to her Jr. High dance her mom, Frances Hena, explicitly forbid her to do any twerking. When she found out later from a friend that her daughter went ahead and did her Miley Cyrus impersonation anyways, she decided to punish her via another controversial trend, public shaming.

Hena took her daughter to a busy intersection in Bakersfield, California and had her hold a sign that read “I was disrespecting my parents by twerking at a school dance,” for 2 hours. She explained to 23ABC news:

“That’s ridiculous to even think that’s okay at a school dance. When she’s 18, she can do whatever she wants. As of right now, that’s not something she’s going to be doing.”

Frances was also displeased with the school’s lack of a reaction adding, “The school didn’t even call me to let me know that it was going on.”

When asked about her choice of punishment she stated, “Every parenting is different. I mean what am I supposed to do, whoop her and get the cops called on me? I think this is embarrassing, I do. I’m embarrassed myself for having her twerk at a school dance.

The reporter asked Jamie if she thought the punishment was fair and she said “yes.” When asked if she would be twerking again she answered “no.”

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