Katy Perry’s full “Roar” music video

Katy Perry Roar

After teasing for what seems like month, the music video for “Roar,” the first single off of Katy Perry’s forthcoming album Prism, is finally here!

As we could have assumed from the promotional poster and brief preview clip, the video is set in the jungle and features a Tarzan-esque narrative in which Katy Perry overcomes a train wreck of a relationship plane wreck with Russell Brand a narcissistic pilot and is left to fend for herself amidst all the dangerous creatures of the jungle.

As you might expect from the lyrics, Katy doesn’t lay down and die, she gets up and fights! And eventually becomes a sexy, vine-swinging Queen of the jungle with the eye of the tiger and the halter top of the leopard complete with a spear made out of her old stiletto high heel. 🙂

Katy Perry Roar music video photo

The video seems to culminate with Katy Perry meeting a real tiger in a Wild-West-style duel, and the big cat is no match for Katy and her cleavage. After that, Katy relaxes and becomes at one with the jungle, including a Miley-Cyrus-tongued monkey and an elephant that apparently has a HUGE fingernail polish budget.

Katy Perry Roar music video screen cap wallpaper

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