REPORT Sydney Leathers may have been exposed to HIV while filming porno

Sydney Leathers porno HIV scare
Yesterday, top officials from the adult entertainment industry confirmed all filming is on hold because one actor tested positive for HIV. In the latest twist, it has been revealed that Sydney Leathers, Anythony Weiner’s sexting partner turned p0rn actress, may have been affected.

According to Gawker, Cameron Bay, the performer who tested positive for HIV, shot her last scene with Xander Corvus. Xander then went on to appear with Sydney in the newly released Vivid film Weiner and Me. (Just to clarify, we previously reported on Sydney’s solo movie. She returned to the studio for a partner production.)

Cameron opted to come forward and take ownership of the positive HIV test because she wants to spread awareness. However, she is also quick to note the test may have been a false positive.

“They’re doing more tests, and when I spoke with the doctor, I asked him, ‘Is it absolutely, positively HIV?’ and he said, ‘No, there’s a possibility it’s not, because there’s no such thing as an actual HIV test, they just search for the antibodies that they associate with HIV.'”

Gawker reported Cameron got a clean bill of health on July 27. She filmed her unprotected sex scene with Xander four days later. As is the industry policy, Xander would also have been tested and deemed healthy before participating in that movie.

He went on to play Anthony Weiner in Sydney’s flick. The sexting star confirmed to Gawker that both actors were tested and healthy before the shoot.

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Even though neither Xander nor Sydney have tested positive for HIV, they have likely both been advised to play it safe for the next few months: The Centers for Disease Control notes there is a “window period” between the time of HIV infection and when it came be detected by tests.

“Ninety-seven percent of people will develop antibodies in the first 3 months after they are infected. In very rare cases, it can take up to 6 months to develop antibodies to HIV.”

As Cameron mentioned, there is also the possibility that she got a rare false positive diagnosis. That would mean the test picked up on another kind of antibody that is linked to HIV, but may actually be entirely unrelated. Either way, it’s apparent this scare is a very serious matter.

It’s also worth noting that Farrah Abraham had a scare of her own in the form of a potentially unplanned pregnancy after filming a Vivid video. During that time, Farrah was represented by the agent who now represents Sydney. However, due to the total moratorium on the p0rn industry and the ultra serious consequences of spreading HIV, it is clear this is not a publicity stunt.

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