Catfish Update: Are Mike and Kristen still friends?


It’s easy to get pretty jaded with the “Catfish,” on Catfish (CLICK HERE to find out the original of the term) and even Nev and Max seem a little weary with them on Season 2, but last week’s episode really pulled my heartstrings. Are Mike and Kristen still friends after the truth came out?

Mike and Kristyn (as she called herself online) had a romance for three years without ever meeting even though they lived pretty close to each other. When Nev and Max investigated they found out that it appeared she had not lied about much, but the fact that his online love might have lied about anything enraged Mike, but he decided to meet up with her anyway.

When they met up it was revealed that besides the name spelling, Kristen had lied about her last name and her appearance. She really had been through a traumatic car accident and had a glass eye. Mike had helped Kristen get through her devastating recovery period when she got kicked out of school for missing too much due to surgeries, and lost all of her friends because she gained 130 pounds. She said she almost felt like giving up and killing herself, but her relationship with Mike was what kept her going and saved her life.

After Kristen revealed her emotional story, Mike softened and said he was glad he could be there for her, but he immediately deleted her contact information when they left her house. A few weeks after taping, however, he made contact with Kristen again and they became friends again! Not exactly a love connection, but when you find a real friend, they’re usually worth keeping.

Things are looking up for Kristen, who is now living with her boyfriend, is losing weight and complete cosmetology school. Mike is currently single

Catfish airs Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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