What happens in The Hills alternate ending?


An alternate ending for The Hills was broadcast on MTV this morning. Which ending you prefer?

The original ending of the reality> show involved Brody Jenner saying a tearful goodbye to Kristin Cavallari before she supposedly left for Europe in a car. A moment later the camera panned back, she got out of the car, and it was revealed they were acting in from of a Hollywood facade. The alternate ending doesn’t show any of that, instead it cuts to Brody reuniting with ex Lauren Conrad (who’s now dating William Tell, a musician.)

“Where you been?” LC asks. “I was just saying goodbye to a friend of mine,” he replies.

LC: “You okay?”

BJ: “Yeah, I’m all right.

LC: “It’s hard to say goodbye.

BJ: “Yeah, it is.”

The original ending:

The profundity just bowls you over, doesn’t it? I think Lauren Conrad has actually talked about that this was one of the endings they considered. Which ending do you prefer?

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