Briana Dejesus of Teen Mom 3 goes off on critics via Twitter


As MTV readies to unleash the cast of Teen Mom 3, one of the new mommas just completely went off on critics of her parenting skills via Twitter.

The stars from Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 could give everyone a lesson on Twitter vitriol. To be honest, I can’t even imagine the overwhelming amount of wrath and straight up hate unleashed at them via social media on any given day. You have to grow thick skin, apparently that’s a lesson Briana Dejesus is in the process of learning.

Over the last few hours Briana has fired off on, “anyone who tried to get tough and talk about me being a mother.” We ain’t talking just one or two dismissive replies – this was a full-on blast-fest from Miss Dejesus.

It started with this, “Sorry b!tch that I’m f**king poppin and ur baby daddy don’t love u no more.” And then…

“Nobody sees my child nor does anything for her…not even her father so pls miss me with that sh*t.”

“I ain’t a f**ked up mother like 99% of u ho*s here…plz do NOT get me started.”

“Plzzzzz bc I do not walk around like I’m hot sh!t while my child at home in rags, w/ a sh!tty pamper on and dirty toe nails pls don’t try me.”


“Try me on my parenting skills and I will knock a b!tch out real quick.”




“Least I don’t have to suck d**k for pampers and wipes…sorry not sorry.”

“Difference between me and u ho*s is, I don’t need a man do provide for my child…”

“Least I have a f**king back bone to do it alone!”

“I don’t have other NI***AAAAS buying my child things…..”




“Last but not least….my child has everything she needs plus some, so if a b!tch wanna test me..come over and observe how a real women should mother!”

“I don’t want the hands? B!tch u think I have time to get a babysitter to fight u or should I bring my child like u did?”


Something tells me that Briana will not have a problem with speaking her mind on the upcoming 1st season of Teen Mom 3.

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