PHOTOS Big Brother 15’s Candice Stewart as Houston Texans and Saintsations cheerleader

Big Brother Candice Stewart Texans cheerleader

The Big Brother 15 house is chock full of gorgeous peeps, but none have quite the pedigree resume of Candice Stewart. In addition to being Miss Louisiana USA 2005, she has also appeared on Oprah’s Searching For… show as she met her birth mother for the first time when she was 26. But perhaps neither of those will soften the hearts of male BB fans as much as another entry on Candice’s resume: NFL cheerleader!

Big Brother Candice Stewart New Orleans Saints cheerleader

Candice first shook her pom poms for her home state New Orleans Saints as a member of the Saintsations from 2002-2004 (photos above). For some reason there are no great pictures of Candice Stewart as a New Orleans Saints cheerleader (believe me, I looked!), but I did manage to uncover this image of her looking hawt in a bikini as Miss June in the Saintsations 2003 calendar:

Big Brother 15 Candice Stewart Saintsations calendar 2003 Miss June

After leaving the Saintsations (and Louisiana), Candice Stewart became a cheerleader for the Houston Texans. Here’s a photo of her from the Houston Texans cheerleaders’ 2008 calendar — for those of you that like your team spirit on the rocks 😉

Big Brother Candice Stewart Houston Texans cheerleader calendar 2008

And here’s Candice actually shaking her pom poms for the squad:

Big Brother 15 Candice Stewart NFL cheerleader for the Fouston Texans

Candice recorded an introduction to herself for the Houston Texans cheerleaders’ website, but sadly it isn’t embeddable 🙁 You’ll have to CLICK HERE to check it out and find out what Candice used to have on her iPod, among other things.

Catch more of Candice (who managed to narrowly escape eviction in week 1 in what has become one of the most, ummm, controversial Big Brother households of all time) on CBS every Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights at 8/7c!

And just in case you needed a little eye desert to finish off this post, here’s Candice Stewart’s official Big Brother 15 bikini photo:

Big Brother 15 Candice Stewart bikini photo

2-4-6-8, who shouldn’t they eliminate? CANDICE!


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