BIO PHOTOS Princesses: Long Island’s Amanda Bertoncini, the Drink Hanky Queen

Princesses: Long Island with Amanda Bertoncini featured

Tonight is the series premiere of Bravo’s latest reality venture as they follow the lives of six “Long Island princesses” who are college educated but are still living at their parents’ homes and off their parents’ bank accounts as they struggle to find their own place in The City That Never Sleeps. One of the young ladies starring in Princesses: Long Island is 26-year-old Amanda Bertoncini who has quite the unique resume entry for someone living at home with her mom: President of her own company!

Amanda is the CEO of The Drink Hanky, a “beverage couture” company that offers a fashionable, environmentally friendly alternative to drink koozies which are just as appropriate at an upscale cocktail party as a tailgate party. Here’s the DL on the DH (and Amanda) from complete with a promotional image of Amanda herself showing off the black and brown leopard print drink hankies in two different sizes. (Straight males may find it difficult to focus in on the hankies)

Princesses Long Island's Amanda Bertoncini with Drink Hanky in leopard printAmanda Bertoncini, President of The Drink Hanky, has always been ahead of her time in the world of fashion, and has never conformed to the norm. With years of experience, both self taught and learned, she has always taken ​style to the next level. Her next mission is in the world of beverage couture.

In designing The Drink Hanky, the concept was based around creating a fashion statement for your beverage. The purpose is to have fun on the run and find your inner gratification!

The Drink Hanky protects against condensation that is inevitable when holding a cold drink. It also prevents your hands from becoming too cold for comfort.

Last, but certainly not least, we are protecting the environment and going green. Each person on average takes 5 napkins per drink. (Yes, it’s been surveyed). Let’s not fail to mention that The Drink Hanky is more stylish than a bunch of torn napkins wrapped around your favorite beverage.


Team Drink Hanky

Princesses Long Island Amanda Bertoncini sexy lingerie photo

But selling liqueur couture isn’t all Amanda’s been up to! According to her LinkedIn profile, she attended Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida for two years where she studied Communications before getting her BA in Media Studies and Psychology at City University of New York — Hunter College in 2009.

While a student at Hunter College – CUNY Amanda interned as a marketing assistant at M Booth & Associates from September 2007 – January 2008. The next job she lists is in marketing as a Sales Representative at Bianco Jeans from May 2010 – April 2011.

From January 2011 – July 2011 Amanda was a sales representative for SACHIKA before immediately moving on to a sales position at Worth New York, where she is still employed according to the site.

Amanda is apparently also an experienced model! I’ve gathered together some of my favorites, most of which feature The Drink Hanky, all of which feature Amanda’s fun spirit (and smokin’ hotness)!

Princesses Long Island Amanda Bertoncini modeling  Princesses Long Island Amanda Bertoncini red hot pants modeling photo  Princesses Long Island Amanda Bertoncini boobs Princesses Long Island Amanda Bertoncini tight pants  Princesses Long Island Amanda Bertoncini The Drink Hanky leopard print  Princesses Long Island Amanda Bertoncini sexy modeling photo for The Drink Hanky

As far as her personal life and situation, Bravo pretty much covers that in their Amanda Bertoncini bio:

At only 26 years old, Amanda works hard for her tiara running her own high-fashion drink holder company called The Drink Hanky. Amanda has a passion for fashion and sees every day as an opportunity for a photo shoot. Amanda balances her brutal honesty with a big heart and an even bigger laugh. Her independence and leadership stem from being the oldest sister in a divorced home. She lives with her spunky mom in Great Neck who loves injecting herself into Amanda’s fabulous life. Amanda stays in shape with her workout partner and boyfriend, Jeff, who she met on the Long Island Railroad. The envy of many single Long Island ladies, she found her prince charming and can’t wait for their future life together. Despite the comforts of living at home and having a boyfriend, Amanda plans to grow her empire and stay in the spotlight.

I’m kind of obsessed with the Drink Hanky now, and I’ve even come up with a couple marketing strategies! I’m thinking Amanda should do a line of “sultry” lingerie inspired hankies and use this slogan:

Princesses Long Island Amanda Bertoncini drink hanky ad You bring the panky. We've got the rest covered.

I also think a hip hop themed line would be a great idea! She could call it the Drank Hanky! Actually, I suppose that idea’s already taken — it’s called a Crown Royal bag.

To see more of Amanda (and I’m guessing the Drink Hanky as well) tune in to Princesses: Long Island on Bravo every Sunday night at 9/8c!

You ca also keep up with Amanda online:

Amanda Bertoncini on Twitter
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The Drink Hanky website

And here’s one loooooooooooong last look. Mmmmmmmmm… Camolicious.

Princesses Long Island Amanda Bertoncini camo Drink Hanky