REPORT Lindsay Lohan wants to leave Betty Ford because they took away her Adderall

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly been denied her Adderall prescription during her court-ordered rehab stint at the Betty Ford center, and she’s ready to bolt. Lindsay has said that she needs the often abused drug Adderall because she has ADHD, but according to TMZ, The Betty Ford center decided to take Lindsay off the drug because they rarely prescribe it for anyone over the age of 15. Lindsay is supposedly telling friends that she wants to go to another facility more forgiving of Adderall use.

However, a source told RadarOnline that if Lindsay leaves Betty Ford, she may face jail time “The judge overseeing Lindsay’s case has made it crystal clear that if she defies the agreement, it’s jail time. Judge Dabney signed off on Betty Ford and he expects her to remain there for 90 days. If she does, that will be a violation of her probation and the judge will send her to jail.”

When abused, Adderall can cause increased focus, wakefulness, and a sense of euphoria, but the side effects can be extremely dangerous. It’s essentially an amphetamine that is therapeutically used for people with ADHD, but is now widely abused in the US. Because it is highly addictive, it’s considered a felony to possess Adderall without a prescription.

In 2010 there were reports that Lindsay does not have ADHD at all. Her dad Michael recently told InTouch magazine that Lindsay has was never diagnosed with ADHD. “Lindsay’s been diagnosed as bipolar. Lindsay’s never had ADHD. She needs a nurse 24 hours a day.”

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