Brandon Watson of Black Gold arrested for alleged multiple hit-and-runs, 2nd DWI

MUG SHOT Brandon Watson Black Gold

Brandon Watson, featured on truTV’s Black Gold, was arrested last week after allegedly being involved in multiple hit-and-run collisions while driving intoxicated.

The 31-year-old was being held on a $1,500 bond for a misdemeanor charge of driving while intoxicated for a second time and two misdemeanor charges of failure to stop and give notice upon striking an unattended vehicle with more than $200 worth of damage. Watson posted bond and was released last Thursday.

According to a report via the Midland Reporter-Telegram, the oil driller went on a rampage in his Hummer and by all accounts it’s amazing no one was seriously injured. There were two separate incidents that officers investigated involving hit-and-runs and it was later discovered that a utility pole was struck in the process. Witnesses at one scene stated that Watson was “obviously intoxicated” and that he claimed he was taking Xanax.

During Watson’s arrest he was said to be glassy-eyed with slurred speech. He also allegedly became argumentative and uncooperative, per the arrest report.

Watson’s rough and rowdy demeanor are played up on the show as highlighted by his bio via the official website:

Brandon is a tattooed tough guy who’s living the roughneck life to the max. He does three things well in his life: roughnecking, drinking and fighting – but not always in that order. On the rig, he’s all about top performance, but the two other vices are threatening his career.

In the past, Brandon’s hot temper nearly got him tossed off the rig. If it weren’t for the fact that he’s one of the best, no one would have put up with his attitude.

This year, Brandon has cut back on drinking and he’s trying to clear up his problems with the law. Brandon says that he must complete community service as part of his probation – but all those hours are hard to balance with his responsibilities on the rig.

The show’s had a successful 5-season run and is slated for a 6th season to air later this year. Here’s a clip from Black Gold showing a prior arrest of Watson for driving with a suspended license.

If convicted, Watson could face heavy fines and possible jail time.