Who is “Hot Jesus” Diogo Morgado?

Diogo Morgado Hot Jesus

The History Channel’s miniseries depicting stories from the bible raked in huge ratings, and that’s really no surprise considering that 75% of the US population identifies as Christian.

One of the stand-outs of the series, besides of course Satan resembling Obama, was the very attractive actor portraying Jesus. Where did Diogo Morgado come from?

The Bible creators Mark Burnett of Survivor and Roma Downey of Touched by an Angel found Diogo after one of their directors remembered him from another Bible-inspired project that was never released. The 33-year-old Portuguese soap star and model played Joseph in that project, but they knew they’d found their Jesus.

In an interview with The New York Post opened up about preparing for the role. He visited Jerusalem and spent time at the Wailing Wall, but ultimately determined that “You can’t prepare. You aim and you pray for the best.”

As soon as he graced the screen Twitter found their chosen moniker for Diogo: #hotjesus. He’s taking the overwhelming compliments about his looks with a healthy dose of humility, which of course, makes him more attractive.

When asked about his new moniker on Extra he replied “I think its good. It’s nice to hear, but I’m an actor, this is what I’ve done for as long as I remember. A good compliment would be, ‘Look Diogo, you did a good job,’ but I’m happy with the rest of it.’”

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According to the show’s executive producer Roma Downey by Sunday night’s finale over 100 million people were estimated to have seen all five episodes of the show. Click here to buy the series.

Are you ready for Diogo to land another role?


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