The Real World: Portland’s Joi Niemeyer Playboy photos and videos

Joi Niemeyer in Playboy magazine Girls of the Pac 10 issue

The 28th season of MTV’s The Real World premieres tonight, and this time, the show takes place in the hipster metropolis of Portland, Oregon. Like the 27 seasons before it, the show features seven total strangers who work together and have their lives taped to find out what happens when you stop being polite and start getting real from around the country, of various backgrounds, who will live in the same house and expose their daily lives to television viewers around the globe. One of the cast members who is no stranger to exposing herself (and her globes) is Joi Niemeyer, who posed for Playboy in 2010 while a junior at Washington University.

Perhaps in an attempt to prevent her Playboy experience from impacting her later in life, Joi’s photos were all under the name Joi Hollie. (Which might explain why a Google search for Joi Niemeyer Playboy photos doesn’t turn up that much.) Here’s one of her more revealing shots, you’ll have to click on the photo to head down the path to fully uncensored Joi Niemeyer toplessness:

Click for unedited Joi Niemeyer Playboy photos The Real World

Joi discussed the experience in an interview with The Daily of the University of Washington. She was one of two girls chosen out of the 50 who auditioned for the October feature entitled the “Girls of Pac-10.” Here are a couple video clips of Joi’s audition, which apparently consisted of hopping up and down on a bed. Oh, and looking damn cute. (That part’s really important.)

After two rounds of auditions, Joi, along with another student from her University, were flown to Chicago for the official Playboy shoot. She told The Daily, “It was fun… The [crew] was funny, they’re pretty young too, so we just clicked really well. Everyone in the room was professional.”

Joi, who hails from a small Western Washington town called Hansville, was a Communications major at the time, and said that while she enjoyed the experience, she did not plan to pursue modeling: “I don’t want to pursue being a model… I’m glad I did it … it’s just something that happened.”

I dunno, here’s a more recent modeling photo of Joi where it looks as though she may have missed her calling!

The Real World's Joi Niemeyer

In her official MTV cast bio, it notes that Joi posed for Playboy to rebel against her “conservative Korean mother and white military father” and that she still isn’t entirely open with her mom about the details of her sex life, but has a newfound open and honest relationship with her father.” The bio also notes that “Joi dates all types of men, but has a strong preference for black athletes,” so we’re learning all types of new trivia about Joi!

You can view a not safe for work video of Joi’s Playboy shoot here and see lots of Joi’s not safe for work Playboy photos here. If you’re really old school, then you can actually pick up the October, 2010 issue of Playboy featuring Joi on amazon.

Below is a video clip from The Real World: Portland, in which Joi reveals to her roommates that she once posed for Playboy (spoiler alert: all the male roommates are thrilled):

You can keep up with Joi by following her on Twitter. And you catch Joi and her six other roommates on The Real World: Portland airing Wednesday nights at 10/9c on MTV!

(Photos via MTV)

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