Justin Bieber goes on Twitter rant about the media, denies dating Ella-Paige

Justin Bieber attends the Y100's Jingle Ball 2012 at the BB&T Center - Arrivals Miami, Florida.

Justin Bieber seems to be on a downward spiral lately — reportedly getting into an altercation with club security and arriving to his own concert late. But could it just be the media who is painting him in a bad light? That’s what Justin thinks, and today he took to his Twitter account to vent about it — a lot.

“Rumors, rumors, and more rumors. Nothing more nothing less. Might talk about them 1 day. Rt now I’m just gonna be positive. Can’t bring me down,” Justin began, adding, “I’m focused on the good things in life. I’m blessed and not forgetting it. I’m giving back every day for it. Cant phase me.”

But things did seem to faze him and his rant continued for several more tweets. “Fake stories to sell papers I guess are part of the job. But I’m a good person. I know that. You can’t tell me different. We know the truth,” he wrote. “As long as my family, friends, and fans are with me you can say whatever. We are all equal in God’s eyes & we have a responsibility to each other.”

“So make up stories about fake fines and make no mention of the positive….or say when I came out of my show with my shirt off because after performing for 2 hours I might be sweaty I was going into a club (really?) or any girl I stand next to is my girl or that I don’t care, or that i don’t feel, or that a 19 year old going to a club in Europe is wild.”

Recently, Justin has been linked to British singer Ella-Paige Roberts-Clarke who has been spotted hanging with his posse (and as Justin says, standing next to him). However, a source recently told Hollywood Life that Ella-Paige is actually dating Justin’s friend DJ Tay James.

“I understand it is part of the job to be judged…but judge me on the facts, judge me on the music, and be careful of the judgement you pass but know this…I’m only judged by one power, and I serve him,” Justin concluded.
Wow — can you believe he tweeted all of that in just 7 minutes? This guy is more talented than we thought.

Photo Credit: Aaron Gilbert / WENN.com

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