Tan Mom Patricia Krentcil to star in movie based on her life, is moving to London where she’s not banned from salons

Tan Mom Patricia Krentcil revisits XL nightclub in Manhattan again after her appearance last year.

Have you been wanting to see more of the infamous Tan Mom? Yeah, us neither. But, Patricia Krentcil is back and she’s making a movie about her life. No, it’s not going to be a Jersey Shore meets the Brady Bunch type flick — it is actually going to be a bit darker and will show the ups and downs she’s been through after making headlines for her tanning habits.

“I’ll star,” Patricia reveals to In Touch, also adding that she’s not ready to walk away from the spotlight anytime soon. “It’s going to portray everything that’s happened.”

Patricia’s teenage children Ashley, Alec, and Austin have been “badgered at school” and the stress from that affected her younger children as well. “We were all mentally abused,” Patricia says, “for no reason.”

Patricia recently appeared in front of a judge regarding the child endangerment charges she was facing for letting her five-year-old daughter go into a tanning booth. Shockingly, she got off unscathed.

Following her trial, Patricia told reporters, “This turned into a biggest, ridiculous thing in the world. What this world did, this past year, made a mockery of me, and I don’t appreciate that. I like to tan. I don’t think that’s a crime and I’m still going to tan, and I don’t care what anyone has to say.”

As for what she’s learned from the ordeal, Patricia states, “People suck.”

So what’s next for Patricia (besides the super exciting movie, of course)? According to The Sun, she’s planning on moving to London where she will be free to tan as she pleases after being banned from US salons. She says, “I love London and am convinced that moving there is the only way my family and I can find happiness again.” According to NBC News, Patricia is also planning “a self-tanning lotion line, a book proposal, a comedy act.”

It doesn’t sound like she’ll be quitting her habit anytime soon. In fact, she also told In Touch that her 15 minutes of fame is “not even near being over.”

Top Photo: Michael Carpenter/WENN.com

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