VIDEO – Panhandler brags he makes $100,000 a year pretending to be handicapped

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A panhandler in Lexington, Kentucky was busted by a local news team for faking his mental and physical disabilities.

He rolls around in a wheelchair and appears to have difficulty with his speech and thinking. Although he is not mentally handicapped at all, part of the story he tells is actually true. In 1993 his mother Pamela Morales sued Honda and won $2.5 million over a motorcycle accident that did leave him with limited mobility, but he is not paralyzed like he pretends to be. His family has since spent all the money, so that part’s also true, but he definitely isn’t mentally disabled. In fact, he even has a degree in speech pathology, which has given him the expertise to authentically mimic speech and thinking problems.

When the reporter calls him out, he actually seems pretty proud of what he’s been able to do. “I appreciate you guys busting me. Yeah, I’m really good at it, really good. I clear about 100,000 dollars a year doing this. Anything from 60,0000 to 100,00 dollars. I am normal, it just helps to be mentally handicapped.”

He also told the reporters he had done the same thing in Austin, Texas.

He also didn’t seem to have any plans to stop even though he got publicly called out, telling reporters “I’m just starting out. I gotta go ya’ll. I got to make some money.”

Watch the astounding video report by LEX 18:

Bogus beggar busted

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