VIDEO Teen curling iron hair tutorial goes way wrong

Tori Locklear burns her hair with curling iron in viral Youtube video

Ever wondered how to get those luscious curls like the models on the covers of glamour magazines? If so, this post is going to be absolutely no help at all! Check out teen Tori Locklear’s hair curling Youtube tutorial video that is, um, burning up the internet right now:

To Tori’s credit, she did have a sense of humor about the hair tragedy. (After her initial “Oh my god” and “You’re kidding me” reactions of course.) Not only did she post the clip, but she also encourages everyone who enjoyed the video to like her Facebook page and follow her Twitter account.

On her Facebook page, Tori wrote, “So a hairdresser told me it was definitely the TRESemme spray I put on my hair!” That, as you might imagine, elicited a ton of responses — some just expressing their thanks for posting the clip, some just being mean, and others attempting to better explain what happened. Here’s a good example of the latter:

Lilli Robertson: Yea, there’s no way that the hair product alone caused her to burn her hair off. What happened is she chose a delicate area of the hair and then held the curling wand to her hair for WAY too long. If you watch the video you can see that her hair is actually smoking while she’s holding the curler to it. Furthermore there is absolutely no way that her hair stylist can definitively say “Yes, this product caused you to burn your hair off.” Her hair burned off because she had no idea how to properly treat or style it.

Julia Catherine Hill: Actually if she sprayed her hair with it, that is the product burning off. The iron was WAY too hot and she did leave it curled a little too long but it should have never been able to burn her hair off like that!

Lilli Robertson: Julia — it has less to do with the product and more to do with the fact that her hair is chemically processed to the point of being damaged and extremely porous. Anyone who knows anything about hair knows that you do not apply such high heat directly to the hair for such a long time; it *will* become brittle and it *will* break right off.

Tori later seemed to back off her TRESemme comment by posting, “I have nothing against TRESemme. It was the curling iron. Not the spray.”

Tori Locklear curling iron hair burning video Youtube

And just to help Tori out, here’s her description of the clip from Youtube in which she pleads for you to tweet it to One Direction:

GO LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE :)) (Tori Locklear) and my instagram is @vickyraye My Twitter is

Me around October 2012 attempting to curl my hair, but instead something else happened. It burned off. Cool. And no it’s not fake! Wish it was so I could have my hair back LOL