Does Lisa Vanderpump really own SUR?

Does Lisa Vanderpump own SUR?

On Monday’s episode of RHOBH, during a dinner Camille Grammer accuses Lisa Vanderpump of not owning her restaurants, SUR in particular. When pressed Lisa tells the group she owns a 51% stake in SUR, which would give her controlling interest in the restaurant. The other investors, The Zapatas, own 49%.

Lisa also verified on Twitter that she owns 51% of SUR, which is the center of her new Bravo reality show Vanderpump Rules.

he Vanderpump-Todds own 51% of the establishment and the Zapatas own 49%, that would make Lisa and Ken the main holding partners.

Camille later admitted she was wrong: “I did feel really bad for saying anything. I was a bit misinformed. I stand corrected.”

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12 thoughts on “Does Lisa Vanderpump really own SUR?

  1. Big deal, & the Maloofs used to own the Palms 100%. It was only about a year ago that they sold it, & became a 2% owner.

    1. Yea remember Adrienne running around with that sun visor advertising the Hotel…..she not the person to be a spokesperson for anything……..IMO

  2. She’s likely had partners with all her restaurants. I’d like to know how she and her husband got so rich. Normal people don’t get filthy rich off owning a resturant. What’s the real deal with her???

  3. Camille didn’t work for her money, she married it!! Alot of rich people go into partnerships all the time. Its how business is.

    1. Isn’t that the truth. I actually don’t know of any celebrity that owns 100% of any restaurant, it’s always a partnership

  4. Well this is funny. Who is Camille to be trying to say who owns what and who doesn’t? What has Camille have to her name that she actually worked for, not because she was married to someone who did all the work for her. And before any of you jump down my throat about a housewife being a worker, get off it. What did she do? 2 children and 4 nannies, a butler, housekeepers, estate managers. The only real business decision Camille has ever made, was to get Kelsey to marry her without a pre-nup.

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