REPORT Jeremy Renner to be a dad, ex-girlfriend expecting next month

Jeremy Renner clapping

Jeremy Renner is going to be a father, at least according to US. The tabloid reports that the 42-year-old Acadamy-Award-nominated actor is expecting his first child with an ex-girlfriend.

The whole story hinges on secondhand information overheard by two sources at the Golden Globes ceremony this weekend. There was an alleged conversation between Jeremy Renner and Eva Longoria on the smoking patio in which he revealed the news that he was going to be a dad via an ex. “I’m going to fly in when her water breaks,” he supposedly said. Eva then responded with, “I’m blown away.”

Sources also tell the magazine that “the expectant mom is currently living in Renner’s L.A. home.”

The Hollywood hunk is “being ultra-secretive about it,” the insider adds, “but she has been going on about her life and not hiding it.”

Jeremy Renner's ex-girlfriend Jes Macallan of Mistresses

US does a little bit of misdirection later in the article by almost randomly inserting comments Renner made about his ex-girlfriend Jes Macallan (photo above), who is currently starring in the upcoming new ABC series Mistresses alongside Alyssa Milano and Lost vet Yunjin Kim. The inclusion of those comments led many readers (and bloggers like me, initially) to believe that the article was claiming it is Macallan who is pregnant and living in Renner’s L.A. home, though she married Monk actor Jason Gray-Stanford in March of last year.

But, Macallan and Gray-Stanford are still happily married, and as you can tell from this photo of Jes Macallan taken at the Disney/ABC TCAs last week, she is clearly not expecting to give birth next month!

Jes Macallan not pregnant in January, 2013

So I suppose the big question is, who is the ex-girlfriend of Jeremy Renner who is supposedly pregnant? He has been linked to Charlize Theron and actress Janet Montgomery in the last couple years, but surely if Charlize was expecting next month we would know about it! And she damn sure wouldn’t need to crash at Renner’s place!

So… anybody seen Janet Montgomery lately? Because lord knows that something overheard on a smoking patio and sold to a tabloid has GOT to be true!